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Best BJ’s Wholesale Black Friday 2019 deals

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Black Friday Business Bargain Hunter’s top picks The very best Black Friday deals and sales. Read More Like rivals Costco and Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale sells desktops, laptops, and tablets along with 24 packs of paper towels and giant boxes of cereal in its warehouse locations.  Also: Check out CNET for even more Black Friday deals Members… Read more →

Could WeWork hire T-Mobile CEO John Legere?

In the wake of its failed IPO, WeWork’s parent company is in talks to hire T-Mobile CEO John Legere as its own new chief executive, according to the Wall Street Journal. We Co. is reportedly searching for a new CEO who can turn the troubled company around and potentially renew its prospects for a successful public offering.  WeWork scrapped IPO… Read more →

Best Staples Black Friday 2019 deals

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Black Friday Business Bargain Hunter’s top picks The very best Black Friday deals and sales. Read More Like office superstore competitor Office Depot/OfficeMax, Staples has numerous PC deals among its other Black Friday specials.  Also: Check out CNET for even more Black Friday deals It even has some of the same deals that other stores have on offer,… Read more →

OpenText buys Carbonite for $1.42 billion, builds out portfolio

OpenText will buy Carbonite for $1.42 billion, or $23 a share in cash, in a deal that represents the company’s 9th cloud related acquisition. OpenText has been expanding beyond content management into security and business software. Carbonite, a data protection and end-point security company, has primarily focused on small and medium sized businesses. Carbonite will bring 300,000 SMB customers and… Read more →

Study of over 11,000 online stores finds ‘dark patterns’ on 1,254 sites

A large-scale academic study that analyzed more than 53,000 product pages on more than 11,000 online stores found widespread use of user interface “dark patterns”– practices meant to mislead customers into making purchases based on false or misleading information. The study — presented last week at the ACM CSCW 2019 conference — found 1,818 instances of dark patterns present on… Read more →

The quantum supremacy enigma: Can Google’s claim withstand scrutiny?

All quantum supremacy is fleeting Scott Fulton explains how Google astonished the world by claiming its prototype quantum processor has achieved “supremacy” — the ability to process a task in seconds that would take a classical supercomputer more than a lifetime. But how long can Google reign supreme before IBM mounts a challenge to its legitimacy? Months? Days? Read more:… Read more →

Microsoft Ignite postmortem: Cutting through the complexity

Microsoft Ignite 2019: Hybrid 2.0, Azure, Chromium Edge ZDNet’s Larry Dignan recaps the highlights from Microsoft’s Ignite 2019 with Mary Jo Foley. In his keynote opening this year’s Ignite conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reiterated the theme of tech intensity, which he defined as the product of tech adoption, tech capability, and trust. Given the flurry of announcements that streamed… Read more →

Robot used in landmark brain surgery

Robots are used in a variety of surgical procedures these days, but the brain has largely been a no-go zone for robot assistants in the OR. With the successful completion of an in-human robotic-assisted neurovascular intervention this month, that’s set to change. The surgery was led by Dr. Vitor Mendes Pereira, a neurosurgeon and neuroradiologist at the Toronto Western Hospital… Read more →

New Buran ransomware-as-a-service tempts criminals with discount licenses

We are losing the ransomware fight: This is why An analysis of ransomware reporting over the past six months shows that while there’s a big focus on big targets, going after individual users is still very popular. The VegaLocker malware strain has provided the base for new ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) Buran which is taking on competitors through discounted rates. According to… Read more →

Wirecard agreement to buy Beijing’s AllScore surprises analysts

New variant of trojan malware puts your personal information at risk NanoCore RAT can steal passwords, payment details, and secretly record audio and video of Windows users. Wirecard has announced the acquisition of AllScore Payment Services in a deal that has raised questions by analysts.  The acquisition, made public last week, will see the German online, mobile, and at the… Read more →

BlueKeep exploit to get a fix for its BSOD problem

Currently, the only public proof-of-concept exploit code for the infamous BlueKeep vulnerability is a module for the Metasploit penetration testing framework. The BlueKeep Metasploit module was put together from a proof-of-concept code donated by RiskSense security researcher Sean Dillon (@zerosum0x0) over the summer. While the exploit works, it has a downside, namely that on some systems it can crash the… Read more →