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Nvidia wins new AI inference benchmark for data center and edge SoC workloads

The Jetson Xavier NX Nvidia is touting another win on the latest set of MLPerf benchmarks released Wednesday. The GPU maker said it posted the fastest results on new MLPerf inference benchmarks, which measured the performance of AI inference workloads in data centers and at the edge. MLPerf’s five inference benchmarks, applied across four inferencing scenarios, covered AI applications such… Read more →

Huawei coping fine with US trade ban, but urges need for open collaboration

Huawei has yet to see any significant impact from the China-US trade war, but it still prefers a long-term strategy of open collaboration and cooperation with US suppliers. That said, it is prepared to put in the necessary measures to ensure its business remains sustainable if the trade conflict drags on, according to the Chinese phone maker’s CEO and founder… Read more →

Uber Air takes one software step toward the sky

Uber Air flying taxi service to be trialled in Melbourne Telstra, Macquarie, Westfield-operator Scentre Group, and Melbourne Airport to help the Silicon Valley darling launch a third Uber Air pilot city and the first outside of the United States. “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” said Doc Brown in Back to the Future. We’re not there yet, but… Read more →

Google asks three mobile security firms to help scan Play Store apps

Image: Google Google announced today that it partnered with three private cyber-security firms — ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium — to start a new project called the App Defense Alliance. The purpose of this new project, Google said, was to unify malware and threat detection engines and improve the security scans that Android apps go through before being published on the… Read more →

Looker 7, first major release in company’s Google era, announced

Looker 7 features revamped visualizations, with enhanced filtering and formatting capabilities  Credit: Looker From its JOIN user conference in San Francisco today, self-service and embedded BI upstart Looker announced version 7 of its product and platform, the first major release since Google announced it would buy the company, in June of this year. One might think of Looker 7 as… Read more →

Microsoft wants to manage your meeting rooms

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft has been working for years on trying to improve meetings. This week, the company is introducing a new, white-glove managed meeting-room service which will involve Microsoft acting as the manager of its large customers’ meeting rooms. The service is akin to what Microsoft is doing around Microsoft Managed Desktop, its end-to-end Windows 10 PC management service. The… Read more →

This is how Google Analytics is abused by phishing scammers

Key techniques used by malicious apps to trick Google Play Cyberattackers are using a variety of tactics to stop Google spotting suspicious app behavior. “You’ve won the Spanish lottery!,” “I am the legal counsel for a hedge fund and you are entitled to claim the proceeds,” “You owe $5000 in tax and must pay now” — these sorts of messages,… Read more →

This is the impact of a data breach on enterprise share prices

Under half of CISOs are ready to respond to a cyberattack Only 49% of CISOs and other senior executives are fully confident that their organisation could deal with the fallout of a hacking incident or data breach right now, and most think the threat from cyberattacks will get worse. When news of a data breach breaks at a major organization,… Read more →

Emotet resurgence packs in new binaries, Trickbot functions

Emotet is this year’s big malicious threat to your users The banking trojan turned botnet accounts for almost two-thirds of all malware payloads delivered by email – with malicious URLs favoured far more than weaponised attachments. Emotet, a Banking Trojan turned devastating modular threat, has returned with upgraded functions in a new wave of attacks.  The malware, first discovered in… Read more →

Zoho hits 50 million business users, launches WorkDrive

Zoho said it has hit the 50 million business user mark and launched WorkDrive, a unified document management system across its portfolio of 45 applications. The company, which offers a suite of enterprise applications that adds up to be a business operating system, has rapidly expanded with 10 data centers around the world. With the launch of WorkDrive, Zoho is… Read more →

IBM, Bank of America collaborate on financial services ready public cloud

The Industry Cloud: Why It’s Next The industry cloud has taken off and big businesses have been built by the likes of Veeva, Rootstock and others. ZDNet’s Karen Roby and James Sanders look at how the industry has thrived even as giants like Salesforce, Oracle and SAP eye their turf. The Industry Cloud: Why It’s Next The industry cloud has… Read more →

Libarchive vulnerability can lead to code execution on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD

Image: Angelo Giordano A compression library included by default in Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD distros, contains a vulnerability that can allow hackers to execute code on user machines. The macOS and Windows operating systems, where this library is also included and used as a default decompression utility, are not affected. CVE-2019-18408 in Libarchive The vulnerability impacts… Read more →