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Russia’s new ‘disconnect from the internet’ law is actually about surveillance

Today, a new “internet sovereignty” law entered into effect in Russia, a law that grants the government the ability to disconnect the entire country from the global internet. The law was formally approved by President Putin back in May. The Kremlin government cited the need to have the ability to disconnect Russia’s cyberspace from the rest of the world in… Read more →

Facebook, Mozilla, and Cloudflare announce new TLS Delegated Credentials standard

Image: Facebook Facebook, Mozilla, and Cloudflare announced today a new technical specification called TLS Delegated Credentials, currently undergoing standardization at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The new standard will work as an extension to TLS, a cryptographic protocol that underpins the more widely-known HTTPS protocol, used for loading websites inside browsers via an encrypted connection. The TLS Delegate Credentials… Read more →

Google’s $2.1 billion bet on Fitbit: What will it do with the corporate wellness business?

There’s value in the data collected from Apple and Fitbit watches ZDNet’s Larry Dignan talks with TechRepublic’s Karen Roby about how the health care sector will be impacted by the large amounts of data that both Apple and Fitbit will be collecting in 2019. Read more: Google’s silence about Fitbit’s enterprise health business, which is on pace to top… Read more →

Channel automation becomes table stakes for partnership success

Designing an automated warehouse Sawyer Bateman, chief technology officer at EasyPost, tells Tonya Hall about the role data science plays in the creation of an automated warehouse. Channel professionals want to talk about expanding their partner programs and building broad ecosystems, but the truth is that many of their basic program and channel management processes are still painfully manual and… Read more →

From big data to risky data: Will companies dump their liabilities?

Who owns your health data? Dr. Brooke Grindlinger, chief scientific officer at The New York Academy of Sciences, informs Tonya Hall that there are some health privacy laws that haven’t been changed since 1996 and what steps are being taken to change that. FOREMSKI’S TAKE It’s only a few weeks before California’s strict data law takes effect January 2020, and… Read more →

Tim Cook thinks Apple customers are rich and very sensitive

Hmm, do I want to cancel the noise? Must-see offer Apple AirPods at Amazon Now with more talk time, voice-activated Siri access — and a new wireless charging case — AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Read More I used to think the world could be divided into two simple categories: Those who wear Birkenstocks and those who understand… Read more →

Drones a step closer to air traffic control integration

An ongoing partnership between Raytheon Company and AirMap, a global airspace intelligence platform for drones, is paving the way to integrate drones into the national air traffic control system. We’ve been following the developments since summer.  The companies have just announced a working proof of concept for such a system. Specifically, teams have integrated AirMap’s unmanned aerial systems (UAS) monitoring… Read more →

Arista Networks has one cloud customer hiccup and Q4 outlook trips

Arista’s outlook for the fourth quarter was well below expectations due to a large cloud customer that put off orders. What customer led to the Arista revenue shortfall is a closely held secret. Arista’s third quarter results were solid and ahead of expectations. The company reported non-GAAP third quarter earnings of $2.69 a share on revenue of $654.4 million. Wall… Read more →

On Halloween night, Google discloses Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild

Image: Google Yesterday, on late Halloween night, Google engineers delivered the best scare of the evening and released an urgent update for the Chrome browser to patch an actively exploited zero-day. “Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2019-13720 exists in the wild,” Google engineers said in a blog post announcing the new v78.0.3904.87 release. The actively-exploited zero-day… Read more →

Should you install iOS 13.2 on your iPhone?

iOS 13 was released little over a month ago, but here we are with iOS 13.2 just being released, the fifth update in under 40 days. And it’s a big one, bringing a lot of new features and bug fixes to the platform. But should you install it, or is it best to wait for more fixes to land? Must… Read more →