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Microsoft, Dell unveil new Azure-VMware integrations

Credit: Microsoft It was just two years ago that Microsoft and VMware were at odds over Microsoft making a preview of VMware virtualization on Azure. When that preview was announced, VMware officials noted Microsoft’s preview was developed without VMware’s participation and was neither certified nor supported by VMware. What a difference a couple years make. On April 29, Microsoft and… Read more →

Cavalier Air speaker system hands-on: Wireless charging, Alexa control, and big room sound

Image: Cavalier Audi Last year I took a look at the $249.99 Maverick speaker from Cavalier Audio and it offers an excellent wireless audio experience while also serving as a portable speaker. The new Air speaker system offers much of the same functionality, with the additional capability to charge up two of your devices at the same time through wired… Read more →

Microsoft wants to help business users to build their own customized digital assistants

Credit: Microsoft Last year at its Build developer conference, Microsoft gave quite a bit of time on Day 1 to a conceptual demo about meetings of the future. In that demo, futuristic Cortana-enabled conferencing capabilities figured heavily as did Cortana integration with Teams, Outlook and Windows. This year at Build, a more business-first Cortana plus various bot and virtual assistant… Read more →

Apache hooks up with GitHub

How GitHub became the de facto automated supply chain for software GitHub is an example of a web service that absorbs the function of an entire industry’s supply chain, but it took a few versions for it to become the software we now know and use. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), one of the granddaddies of open-source software, is joining… Read more →

Dell Technologies makes VMware linchpin of hybrid cloud, data center as a service, end user strategies

Dell Technologies lays out its hybrid cloud plan with a heavy dose of VMware Dell Technologies’ crown jewel in its portfolio is VMware and the technology giant is now making it the glue that holds its portfolio of companies together. Dell Technologies’ crown jewel in its portfolio is VMware and the technology giant is now making it the glue that… Read more →

Survey: Trust in tech giants is ‘broken’

Has consumer trust in Apple declined? After a recent blunder regarding the AirPower wireless charger, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes talks with TechRepublic’s Karen Roby about the level that Apple consumers trust the tech giant. Read more: US tech giants are facing a huge crisis of confidence from internet users in the US and UK, with more than 40% saying they… Read more →

5 tips: Become a transformational CIO

Industrial IoT, Apple, Cybersecurity, AI, and more: Research round-up Facts and figures from the past month in technology news. Source Article from tips: Become a transformational CIO blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

How to be a transformational CIO

5 ways to be a transformational CIO Jay Ferro, a top CIO who is currently with Quikrete, shares advice on how to thrive as a technology-focused business leader. Every CIO knows that the era of feeds and speeds is behind us. Today’s CIO must be an ambidextrous business leader, juggling systems while driving business innovation. Add the ever-present mandate of… Read more →

Joan: An interesting solution to the meeting room availability nightmare

Image: Visionect special feature How to Optimize the Smart Office New technologies are optimizing today’s offices for better collaboration, improved productivity, energy efficiency, and employee health. Read More It took Bob almost two weeks to get his product planning meeting together. Wrangling participants from Engineering, Sales, and Product Marketing, coordinating schedules, and finding a meeting room was, in his words,… Read more →

2019 all-new Amazon Kindle review: Most affordable Kindle now has integrated lighting

With last fall’s new Kindle Paperwhite, that ebook reader and the Kindle Oasis both offer an IPx8 waterproof rating. For those not reading in those conditions who want an affordable Kindle, Amazon introduced the new all-new 2019 Kindle starting at $89.99. While I have the new iPad Mini that serves as a good ebook reader too, I still prefer to… Read more →

Google boots major Android app developer from store for conducting massive ad fraud

Ultra secure email: Gmail adds MTA-STS and TLS Reporting standards Google rolled out MTA-STS and TLS Reporting support for Gmail servers on April 10, 2019. Google has begun removing a plethora of apps from the Google Play store belonging to a major developer following an investigation into the apps and their widespread ad fraud practices. A BuzzFeed News investigation uncovered… Read more →

Apple reveals why App Store parental control app crackdown took place

Apple on right path to having “green” supply chain Apple says that the goal of bringing four clean gigawatts of energy to its supply chain by 2020 is within reach. Apple has refuted claims that the company has removed parental control applications from the App Store to stop them competing with homegrown monitoring services. A piece published by the New… Read more →