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Google Chrome tips: Manage your tabs like a pro

Got too many tabs open in Google Chrome? Yeah, you’re not alone. Same here. Right now I have several dozen open in a single window. Fortunately, the browser comes with tools to help you deal with tab overload. Must read: iPhone battery draining fast after installing iOS 12.2? Here how to diagnose the problem and get more battery life   Right… Read more →

Docker Hub hack exposed data of 190,000 users

Image: Docker Inc. Docker Hub, the official repository for Docker container images, has announced a security breach on late Friday night. The breach came to light after the company started emailing customers about a security incident that took place a day earlier on April 25. “On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, we discovered unauthorized access to a single Hub database storing… Read more →

Slack warns investors of a high risk of cyber-attacks impacting stock performance

In documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission today with the occasion of the company going public on the stock market, Slack is warning new investors that cyber-attacks pose a serious risk to the performance of its stock. Slack officials added cyber-attacks to a list of risk factors that also includes “a history of net losses,” “limited operating history,” “quarterly… Read more →

No matter where we live, we all switch apps in similar ways

Au revoir WhatsApp! The French government launches in-house IM app French government open-sources in-house-made end-to-end encryption IM app named Tchap. Although we spend a varying amount of time glued to our screens, the way in which we specifically switch between our different apps is remarkably similar.    Research has uncovered a universal pattern in the way we surf on our… Read more →

Over two million IoT devices vulnerable because of P2P component flaws

Image: Paul Marrapese More than two million IoT devices, possibly more, are using a vulnerable P2P firmware component that allows hackers to locate and take over impacted systems. Vulnerable devices include IP cameras, baby monitors, smart doorbells, DVRs, and many others, manufactured and sold by multiple vendors under hundreds of brands, such as HiChip, TENVIS, SV3C, VStarcam, Wanscam, NEO Coolcam,… Read more →