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Justify your investment in the people and awareness side of security

The benefits of having three layers of security Dr. Ronald Ross, computer scientist and fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, tells Tonya Hall about the importance of testing security and layering cyber defense. Investment into changing security culture and behavior via security awareness and training (SA&T), if done correctly, has the ability to transform your security team’s… Read more →

An inside look at how credential stuffing operations work

Credential stuffing attacks are one of today’s most prevalent threats to online businesses everywhere. But despite this threat rising on everyone’s radar in the infosec community, very little is known about how criminal groups are performing these attacks. What is credential stuffing Credential stuffing is a term used by the cybersecurity industry to describe a particular type of automated attack… Read more →

Comcast Q1 mixed despite steady growth in business, high-speed Internet services

Cable giant Comcast missed first quarter revenue estimates but showed strong growth across several lines of business. In the first quarter, Comcast reported net income of $3.18 billion, or 66 cents a share, on revenue of $26.85 billion, up 17.9% from a year ago. Excluding items, Comcast reported earnings of 76 cents a share in the first quarter. Wall Street… Read more →

Lenovo taps IBM’s cognitive and blockchain tools to improve customer service

Lenovo is turning to its longstanding partnership with IBM to improve its customer service with blockchain and AI-powered tools. Under the new, multi-year agreement, Lenovo will use IBM’s tools to assist customer service agents and technicians within the Data Center Group — supporting Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile platforms. executive guide What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial… Read more →

LG G8 ThinQ first look review: Despite silly gimmicks, it’s an affordable flagship worth considering

LG unveils 5G smartphone V50 ThinQ LG has taken the wraps off its 5G smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2019, along with a dual-screen ‘companion’, and the LG G8 ThinQ with palm vein hand ID unlock. LG continues to fly under the radar, but its partially due to its continued lack of timely updates and inclusion of gratuitous unreliable gimmicks… Read more →

Robots threaten middle-aged workers the most (that’s anyone over 21)

Hello, goodbye. Zhang Peng It’s something many people joke about. Gallows humor, they call it. “A robot will do my job soon,” they say, as they toil in their factory or lawyer’s office. For many, it’s hard to imagine what they might do next, except, in a fanciful thought, train as a mechanic fixing robots. Yet the more optimistic sorts… Read more →

Facebook open sources C++ F14 hash table

Hashing is used by developers to quickly identify a specific, unique object from a group of similar objects. For example, your driver license number is a hash, which can be used to pull your driver’s record when you’re pulled over for going a wee bit over the speed limit. In computing, where there are say tens of thousands of John Smiths… Read more →

To curb malaria: Tableau, Mapbox, Exasol, Alteryx donate $4.3 million in tech

Tableau, Mapbox, Exasol and Alteryx said they will contribute $4.3 million in software and services over three years with the aim of eliminating malaria for 60 million people in Africa. The grant will go to PATH, a global non-profit focused on health equity. Tableau has outlined plans to use data and visualization to address global problems with a $100 million… Read more →

A call for tighter design in the software development process

“Hire more designers, okay?” Photo: HubSpot That’s the call from John Cutler, who, in a recent video presentation, urges software teams to embed more designers into software teams as they grow.  Cutler illustrates that as software development teams are formed, they will, at some point, incorporate a designer into the process to assure the application is as user-friendly as possible…. Read more →

Security researcher creates new backdoor inspired by leaked NSA malware

A security researcher has created a proof-of-concept backdoor inspired by the NSA malware that leaked online in the spring of 2017. This new malware is named SMBdoor and is the work of RiskSence security researcher Sean Dillon (@zerosum0x0). Dillon designed SMBdoor as a Windows kernel driver that once installed on a PC will abuse undocumented APIs in the srvnet.sys process… Read more →

Microsoft Q3 FY19: Windows has a surprisingly strong quarter

Microsoft is doing its darndest to distance itself from being best-known as the Windows company. But that doesn’t mean Windows isn’t still a big contributor to the company’s financial success. On April 24, Microsoft posted its financial results for its third quarter of its fiscal 2019. As usual these days, Microsoft officials celebrated the growing contribution of its “commercial cloud”… Read more →