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IBM posts mixed Q1 results, accelerated cloud revenue growth

IBM published its first quarter financial report on Tuesday, posting mixed results with every business segment down or flat year-over-year. Shares were down in after-hours trading.   However, IBM focused on the performance of its cloud business. The company has posted $19.5 billion in cloud sales over the last 12 months, up 10 percent year-over-year, it said. IBM’s as-a-service annual… Read more →

Apple, Qualcomm agree to end all patent litigation

The years-long legal battle between Apple and chipmaker Qualcomm is finally settled. The two companies agreed Tuesday to end all litigation, including with Apple’s contract manufacturers, in a settlement that involves Apple paying Qualcomm an undisclosed amount. The companies also came to six-year license agreement, effective April 1, as well as a multiyear chipset supply agreement. Shares of Qualcomm were… Read more →

EU: No evidence of Kaspersky spying despite ‘confirmed malicious’ classification

Logo: Kaspersky Lab // Composition: ZDNet In a document published today, the European Commission has revealed that they don’t have any actual evidence of Kaspersky software being used for spying on behalf of the Russian government, as the US government alluded in 2017. The document was the Commission’s reply to a series of questions submitted by Gerolf Annemans, a European… Read more →

Intel buys FPGA provider Omnitek

Intel on Tuesday announced that it’s acquiring Omnitek, makers of a programmable chip design for visual processing. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.  FPGAs, or field-programmable gate array (FPGA) fabric, is an integrated circuit that can be further configured after manufacturing. Basingstoke, England-based Omnitek has over 220 FPGA IP cores and accompanying software. Intel plans to merge the… Read more →

HP aims to secure its PC portfolio with Sure Sense malware blocker

HP on Tuesday announced a bevy of PC updates and new features, as well as the formal release of HP Sure Sense, the company’s new software that uses AI to prevent and block malware in near-real-time, including ransomware and previously unknown malware. HP says Sure Sense is different from other market offerings because it uses deep learning to understand what… Read more →

Bank of America bets digital transformation can offset rising expenses elsewhere

Meet Erica, Bank of America’s virtual financial assistant Bank of America added a virtual assistant to its mobile app. Read more: Bank of America is investing in its technical capabilities and hoping a bit of digital momentum can offset lower interest income amid higher expenses. The bank said that it ended its first quarter with 27.1 million active mobile… Read more →

Crooks use digger to steal ATMs in Northern Ireland as ATM physical attacks rise across the EU

Image: Screengrab from Twitter use Amanda Nunn Over the past month, criminal gangs have been using diggers to break building walls and steal ATMs across Northern Ireland. Nine such incidents have happened already, with the latest being reported last night. Reports from Irish news sites say crooks steal nearby digging equipment, which they use to knock down building walls, scoop… Read more →

Apple really wants you to wave your iPad Pro around

He’s about to wave it around again. Screenshot by ZDNet Gadgets are purely utilitarian. That’s what so many nerds thought when they were inventing them. Then along came the Upsetting of the Apple cart. Suddenly, here were gadgets that inspired warm feelings and, with the perfectly assiduous Apple design, encouraged you to show them off. Recently, gadget design has become… Read more →

US government has 12,166 data centers and most are inefficient: Can hybrid save the day?

Hybrid cloud: Different styles for different enterprise priorities Kip Compton, SVP of Cisco Cloud Platform & Solutions, explains how Cisco is working with the major public cloud providers, as well as ISVs, to offer customers a range of hybrid cloud options. The US Federal government hasn’t come close to consolidating its data center footprint, failed to optimize operations and has… Read more →

Adblock Plus filters can be abused to execute malicious code in browsing sessions

Adblock Plus wins legal battle against German media powerhouse Adblock Plus isn’t in breach of antitrust law or interfering with press freedom, German supreme court rules. An exploit has been uncovered in the filter systems of Adblock, Adblock Plus, and uBlock which may permit attackers to remotely inject arbitrary code into web pages. Security researcher Armin Sebastian said in a… Read more →

Building IOT for "the industry technology left behind"

The livestock industry has a lot to gain with modern technology — IoT devices paired with even the simplest software platforms can help ranchers track and manage their inventory. Yet until recently, many ranchers were tracking their cattle using just pen and paper, according to Brian Schupbach, co-founder and CTO of Quantified AG. “In the last five years, the cattle… Read more →