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The Black Hole: It’s time for Apple to ditch the MacOS trash can

Black hole image captured for the first time (CNET) Every image of a black hole you’ve seen was just an illustration. Until now. The Event Horizon Telescope captures one of the most powerful objects in existence. And basically, it’s the Eye of Sauron. If you haven’t heard the news this week, an international team of scientists from the Event Horizon… Read more →

Russia fines Facebook $50 for failing to comply with local data privacy law

A Moscow court fined Facebook today 3,000 rubles (approximately $47) for failing to comply with a data privacy law and store data of Russian Facebook users on servers located inside Russia. The legal proceedings started after a complaint from Roskomnadzor (Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), the country’s telecommunications watchdog. Roskomnadzor lodged a complaint… Read more →

OpenStack Stein: A new cool drink of open-source cloud

The future of cloud-based services Jason McGee, IBM fellow, VP and CTO, IBM cloud platform, talks about how IBM continues to grow within the open-source community. must read What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and… Read more →

SAP has 50 percent more customers than 5 years ago: A look at the road ahead

SAP: A look at its challenges, opportunities ZDNet’s Larry Dignan caught up with Vinnie Mirchandani, author of SAP Nation 3.0, to talk about the enterprise software landscape and the evolution of one of enterprise software’s largest vendors. “Drama in Enterprise Computing” That’s what an early review said about my new book, SAP Nation 3.0: Manifest Destiny Drama? Isn’t enterprise tech… Read more →

Why Walmart’s robot army won’t be a job killer

Since the dawn of the self-checkout, automation in retail has sparked anxiety and spread fear over an impending robotic takeover and the fate of human workers. Those fears were stoked again this week when retail giant Walmart announced that it was adding thousands of new robots to its stores nationwide. But a closer look at Walmart’s announcement suggests that its… Read more →

A thermal camera company is eating the defense & enterprise drone sector

In a case of technology penetration through acquisition and investment, thermal imaging company FLIR Systems has been making an aggressive push into the military drone sector. In February, I wrote about FLIR’s acquisition of Endeavor Robotic Holdings, a military defense company specializing in ground robots, for a whopping $385 million.  That acquisition came shortly after FLIR acquired aerial drone company Aeryon for $200… Read more →

US probe prompts Russia-linked Pamplona to sell stake in cybersecurity firm Cofense

Russian hackers step up information-collecting efforts Researchers at FireEye say Kremlin-backed hacking operations are attempting to target governments, media and political parties as elections approach. Pamplona Capital Management is seeking a buyer for its stake in cybersecurity firm Cofense following an investigation by US national security officials over national security. Cofense said on Wednesday that Pamplona will sell its stake… Read more →

Internet Explorer zero-day lets hackers steal files from Windows PCs

A security researcher has published today details and proof-of-concept code for an Internet Explorer zero-day that can allow hackers to steal files from Windows systems. The vulnerability resides in the way Internet Explorer processes MHT files. MHT stands for MHTML Web Archive and is the default standard in which all IE browsers save web pages when a user hits the… Read more → hack forces servers offline, encrypted chat history lost

Mozilla adds breach alert feature to Firefox browser Mozilla brings Firefox Monitor to Firefox on the desktop. has become a victim of a cyberattack which has forced the organization to overhaul its entire production infrastructure and inform users of a widespread credentials leak. On Thursday, the developer of the open standard for real-time communication over IP — including Instant… Read more →

Asia driving global mobile payments, with eight in top 10 markets

Vietnam is the fastest-growing global market in mobile payments, clocking a 24 percent climb from last year, with 61 percent of its consumers tapping such services. Across the globe, China leads the pack with 86 percent of its population tapping mobile payments, followed by Thailand at 67 percent.  In fact, the world’s top 10 mobile payments adopters are in eight… Read more →

Carlyle Group, Schneider Electric form AlphaStruxture to ramp smart infrastructure deployments

How AlphaStruxture aims to scale smart infrastructure AlphaStruxture, a joint venture between the Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric, aims to integrate data, sustainability, analytics and energy-as-a-service into the front end of infrastructure development projects. AlphaStruxure CEO Juan Macias and Schneider Electric’s North American CEO Annette Clayton discuss the deal with ZDNet’s Larry Dignan. Special Feature Special report: From Cloud to… Read more →

Microsoft publishes SECCON framework for securing Windows 10

Microsoft published today a generic “security configuration framework” that contains guidance for systems administrators about the basic security settings they should be applying in order to secure Windows 10 devices. “We sat down and asked ourselves this question: if we didn’t know anything at all about your environment, what security policies and security controls would we suggest you implement first?,”… Read more →