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SUSE Linux and enterprise Raspberry Pi

Could the Raspberry Shake and the Raspberry Boom save your city from an earthquake? A Raspberry Pi-powered quake detector and infrasonic movement sensor can help you detect inaudible sounds from your surrounding area. Raspberry Pi single-board computers are wildly popular with makers, kids, and anyone who likes hands-on computing. But, in enterprise business? Industrial sites? Not so much. Or, are… Read more →

Over 540 million Facebook records found on exposed AWS servers

Data breach hunters have found two Amazon cloud servers storing over 540 million Facebook-related records that have been collected by two third-party companies. The number of affected users is believed to be in the range of millions and tens of millions. Both servers have been discovered earlier this year by security researchers from UpGuard, a California-based cyber-security firm specialized in… Read more →

Brazilian ERP giant Totvs launches fintech arm

Brazilian software giant Totvs has launched a fintech arm to boost the functionality of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings. Under the new division, the company plans to combine its own technology with innovative solutions developed by startups, so adding value to its enterprise software platforms. By blending its systems with partner technology, the Brazilian ERP vendor hopes to “simplify,… Read more →

Apple advertises one product that actually works well

Even the iPad works. Screenshot by ZDNet Who’d want to be working the phones at the Spaceship’s customer service department these days? (If the phones work, that is.) Also: AirPower fail: The latest victim of Apple’s OCD iPad Pro users are complaining their screens have become more erratic than Brexit voting. Then there’s the ongoing pain being endured by many with… Read more →

In software development, empathy becomes a priority

In software development, empathy matters a great deal. This has important implications for the emerging best practice of human-centered design. Denise Yu: Design with empathy Photo: LinkedIn That’s the word from Denise Yu, senior software engineer at Pivotal, Inc. Speaking at this week’s Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia, Yu assigns a slightly different shade of meaning to empathy when it… Read more →

Walmart and Google forge voice order alliance to battle Amazon

Get ready for some technology-driven grocery chain jousting. Google and Walmart have joined forces on voice-based shopping. The news comes on the heels of aggressive price cuts at Amazon-owned Whole Foods. It’s not the first time Walmart has partnered with Google. In 2017, the companies (which, fun fact, have a combined market cap of more than $1 trillion) teamed up… Read more →

Where is Confluent going?

Maybe it was a minor miracle that the weight of a couple ZDnet bloggers didn’t sink the pier on which Kafka Summit floated yesterday, but there’s little question that Kafka technology is very much afloat. Confluent’s most recent annual Kafka survey, published last June, found over 90 percent of survey respondents deemed Kafka as mission-critical to their data infrastructure, and… Read more →

Apple Card: Three fatal flaws that hinder usability (and then there’s Goldman Sachs)

Most interesting part of Apple’s presentation? Apple Card Forget Apple’s TV+. Forget Apple News+. The real innovation and key to Apple’s growth will be its splash into the credit card market. Read more: Probably the single most surprising thing to me about my Apple Watch is how useful I’ve found it. I bought it originally to act as a… Read more →

Over half of sleep starved tech workers are looking for another job

Losing sleep night after night is bad for your health. Scientists suggest that skipping rest presents a range of medical risks, including heart disease and mental health disorders. But if we consistently do not get enough sleep and are at risk of long-term health problems, more immediate impacts are visible in workplaces across the country. Toronto, ON-based online mattress company… Read more →

Apache web server bug grants root access on shared hosting environments

Logo: Apache Software Foundation // Composition: ZDNet This week, the Apache Software Foundation has patched a severe vulnerability in the Apache (httpd) web server project that could –under certain circumstances– allow rogue server scripts to execute code with root privileges and take over the underlying server. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-0211, affects Apache web server releases for Unix systems only,… Read more →