Google brings Assistant’s "continued conversation" feature to smart displays

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Google on Friday announced that it’s bringing Google Assistant’s “continued conversation” feature to all smart displays, including the Google Home Hub and other devices like the Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View and the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9. The feature lets users engage in a conversation with the voice-activated assistant without prefacing each statement with “Hey Google.” 

Users can activate the Continued Conversation feature under Settings in the Google Assistant app. Then, once you trigger the Assistant with a request, it will stay active long enough to respond to follow up questions.

The feature demonstrates how interactions with AI-powered assistants are becoming more and more natural. Amazon introduced these kinds of improved conversational skills to Alexa last year.

Google on Friday also introduced a series of other new features that highlight how voice-based interactions can complement screen-based interfaces. For instance, users can now use a smart display to access a single dashboard of all of their devices connected to Google Assistant. Additionally, users can add a smart display to a group of speakers connected to Google Assistant, and they can use the smart display to access controls for adjusting the volume of any device in the group.

There are also new ways consumers can use Google Assistant with their smart displays to play games, share photos or interpret different languages.

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Google brings Assistant’s "continued conversation" feature to smart displays
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