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The Tao of Zero Trust

The benefits of having three layers of security Dr. Ronald Ross, computer scientist and fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, tells Tonya Hall about the importance of testing security and layering cyber defense. Must Read: Download Forrester’s complimentary guide to learn how and why Zero Trust is the best way to defend your business.  I get asked two questions… Read more →

Microsoft officially designates Windows 10 1809 as ready for broad deployment

Credit: ZDNet Six months after Microsoft first released Windows 10 1809 to the mainstream, that Windows 10 feature update from last fall finally been deemed as ready for broad deployment. On March 28, Microsoft officials said they would be changing the Windows 10 release information page to note that it was ready for rollout by the vast majority of customers,… Read more →

Report deems Russia a pioneer in GPS spoofing attacks

Russian military and intelligence operations are increasingly using GPS spoofing as a way to protect sensitive locations and cause disruption outside the country’s borders or in military zones, a report published this week has revealed. The report, authored by the Center for Advanced Defense (C4ADS), analyzed 9,883 incidents of GPS spoofing incidents in and around Russia from the past three… Read more →

Facebook charged with violating Fair Housing Act through discriminatory ad targeting

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on Thursday unleashed a legal challenge against Facebook for its ad-targeting practices, accusing the social network of discriminating against certain demographics in ads for housing. HUD Secretary Ben Carson is charging Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act by allowing advertisers to exclude groups listed as protected classes in the Fair… Read more →

Google’s banana throwing robot is highly accurate

The ability to throw objects accurately offers all kinds of advantages. Tossing is an efficient way to move an object without engaging your whole body, for example. You can reach places you couldn’t easily get to, as exemplified when tossing a set of keys from an apartment balcony to a friend on the street. And tossing objects is usually a… Read more →

Adobe brings new AI capabilities to Campaign

Adobe is introducing new AI capabilities in Marketing Cloud that aim to deliver real-time personalization tools for marketers. The software giant said the updates are focused on email, which remains one of the key channels in a marketer’s arsenal. Boiled down, the new AI features in Campaign are meant to help brands automatically deliver the right experiences to the right… Read more →

Microsoft expands its patent protection program to include Azure-powered IoT devices

Credit: ZDNet Microsoft is expanding its Azure IP Advantage patent-protection program to cover IoT devices connected to Azure. The company also is adding more patents to the bunch it already provides to LOT Network members so that they get the ability to acquire Microsoft patents for free. Microsoft announced its new patent-program extensions, as well as a number of other… Read more →

Five camera shootout: LG V40 vs Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10: Samsung’s lineup is solid, but maybe wait for Galaxy S10 5G Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S10 line, but gave us two other devices that’ll require a bit of a wait. Also is DeX a thin client replacement? ZDNet’s Larry Dignan sits down with TechRepublic’s Bill Detwiler and Karen Roby to discuss the latest revealings. Read more: LG… Read more →

Customer experience (CX) disconnects: Is it the data or the complacency?

Customer experience: A SaaS company’s most important battleground Web Summit 2018: Today, customer experience (CX) guides consumer purchasing above any other factor, a trend carrying profound implications for all companies. This talk sees Alicia Tillman, Amy Pressman and David Yang; leaders from a corporate incumbent and a startup sharing their CX wisdom. This customer experience (CX) thing can be a… Read more →

Gustuff Android banking trojan targets 125+ banking, IM, and cryptocurrency apps

A new Android banking trojan is starting to gain popularity on the cybercriminal underworld. Named Gustuff, the trojan has been around for almost a year, during which time it slowly received updates over updates, becoming a powerhouse in terms of features and targeting capabilities. This Android banking trojan now joins the ranks of similar top-tier threats, such as Anubis, Red… Read more →

Cisco bungled RV320/RV325 patches, routers still exposed to hacks

Cisco announces July Systems acquisition ​July Systems will integrate with Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group, bolstering its indoor location services for vertical industries. Read more: Cisco acknowledged yesterday that it bungled a crucial patch for a vulnerability in two router models. The company’s shoddy initial patches allowed hackers to continue attacks throughout the past two months. The security flaws impact… Read more →