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Brazil attempts to revive space technology program

The Brazilian government signed a space technology safeguard agreement (TSA) with the US with hopes to revive its own activities in the sector and cash in on commercial opportunities. The idea is that Brazil would be able to claim a share of the space launch business, estimated to generate nearly $300 billion a year, by allowing US companies to launch… Read more →

Microsoft takes control of 99 domains operated by Iranian state hackers

November 1, 2017 – Redmond, Washington: Microsoft’s sign and flags of United States, Washington and Microsoft are visible in front of a building at company’s corporate headquarters / Getty Images Court documents unsealed today revealed that Microsoft has been waging a secret battle against a group of Iranian government-sponsored hackers. The OS maker sued and won a restraining order that… Read more →

Microsoft, Adobe and SAP are out to prove the Open Data Initiative is ‘open’

Credit: Microsoft At its Ignite IT Pro conference in September 2018, Microsoft made a big deal out of a new Open Data Initiative (ODI), which Microsoft launched with two other of its partners: Adobe and SAP. Today, March 27, Microsoft announced some other companies who’d be joining in via an ODI Partner Advisory Council. The first 12 companies joining the… Read more →

Cryptocurrency platforms DragonEx and CoinBene disclose hacks

Two cryptocurrency exchange portals, DragonEx and CoinBene, have disclosed hacks this week and have both gone into maintenance mode to investigate and improve their infrastructure. DragonEx is believed to have lost over $1 million worth of cryptocurrency, while CoinBebe’s losses are estimated at over $45 million, according to industry observers. It should be noted that none of the two cryptocurrency… Read more →

Salesforce is sued by sex trafficking survivors for selling data tools, CRM to Backpage

Salesforce is facing accusations that it facilitated sex trafficking for its work with the now defunct classifieds website Backpage. In a lawsuit filed Monday in a San Francisco superior court by 50 women identified as antonymous sex trafficking survivors, Salesforce is accused of turning a blind eye to the dark underbelly of Backpage’s business and upselling the website with data… Read more →

Best Android phone for business: One month with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10: Samsung’s lineup is solid, but maybe wait for Galaxy S10 5G Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S10 line, but gave us two other devices that’ll require a bit of a wait. Also is DeX a thin client replacement? ZDNet’s Larry Dignan sits down with TechRepublic’s Bill Detwiler and Karen Roby to discuss the latest revealings. Read more: My… Read more →

Apple Card, where’s the reward? Why no one over 35 wants Apple to be their bank

Apple Card: Why banking can be lucrative for Apple Yes, Apple went Hollywood and launched a gaming and news service to bolster services revenue. But 5 years from now the real pivot will be Apple Card and how the company got into banking. Read more: On Tuesday morning, I woke up in my hotel room in Sunnyvale, California, in… Read more →

Researchers warn open sky drone policy poses cybercriminal risk

Drones flying over populated areas, unchecked, represent a real threat to our privacy, researchers have warned. On Wednesday, academics from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories revealed the results of a new study which examined over 200 techniques and technologies which are currently in use to detect and disable drones. BGU and Fujitsu say… Read more →

Tokyo 2020 Robot Project powered by Toyota, Panasonic

Athletes may be the focus of the Olympics, but in recent years the competition has also become an important technology showcase for tech savvy host countries. Nowhere will that be more true than in Tokyo, host of the upcoming 2020 Games.  This month, the organizing committee announced the Tokyo 2020 Robot Project, a collaboration between Toyota, Panasonic, and several Japanese… Read more →

Spotify acquires crime storyteller studio Parcast

Apple vs. Spotify: Who owns the app users? Apple’s just a ‘monopolist': Spotify hits back over revenue split. Spotify has announced the acquisition of Parcast as the company begins to explore the audio podcast arena for new content and business opportunities. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. On Tuesday, the audio streaming platform said the definitive agreement… Read more →

Hackers abuse Magento PayPal integration to test validity of stolen credit cards

Hacker groups and online fraudsters are abusing a feature of Magento online shops to test the validity of stolen debit and credit card numbers, ZDNet has learned. The technique consists of attackers attempting hundreds of $0 transactions with stolen payment cards to check a card’s validity. The transactions are executed against Magento stores that support the PayPal Payflow Pro integration…. Read more →