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Android Q to get a ton of new privacy features

Image: AOSP Google’s upcoming Android version, currently referred to only as Android Q, will arrive later this summer with a trove of privacy enhancements. Details about these new additions have been revealed earlier this week after Google published blog posts and new Android support pages for Android Q following the release of a first beta version earlier this week. Below… Read more →

How to switch from iPhone to Android without losing too much time, sleep, and your data!

Olloclip iPhone XS clip and Connect X lenses: Take your mobile photography to the next level Olloclip recently released new lens mounting clips for the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. With support for nine Intro, Essential, and Pro lenses there isn’t anything you can’t capture … Source Article from to switch from iPhone to Android without losing too… Read more →

With great speed comes great responsibility: software testing now a continuous race

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is giving us software updates every day in many cases. A recent survey of 500 IT executives finds 58% of enterprises deploy a new build daily, and 26% at least hourly. That’s why Agile and DevOps are so important. With great speed comes great responsibility. A constant stream of software needs constant quality assurance. To… Read more →

Singapore public sector reports yet another security lapse

Following a spate of security breaches affecting healthcare patients in the country, another Singapore public sector agency has reported that personal information of 808,201 blood donors was left vulnerable after a third-party vendor failed to securely protect a server containing the data. The database had contained registration-related information such as donors’ name and national identification number and, in some instances,… Read more →

Qualcomm moves forward with growth strategy in Brazil

Qualcomm is pressing ahead with its plans to develop the semiconductor industry in Brazil and exploit opportunities in the mobility and Internet of Things segments. Along with Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) and Asus, the company has announced new Asus smartphones that utilize its system-in-package (SiP) technology developed in Brazil. The new Asus Zenfone Max Shot and Zenfone Max Plus (M2)… Read more →

Fujitsu wireless keyboard model vulnerable to keystroke injection attacks

Image: SySS GmbH Fujitsu LX wireless keyboards are susceptible to keystroke injections, SySS GmbH, a German pen-testing firm revealed today. The attacks allow a threat actor to beam wireless radio signals to the keyboard’s receiver (USB dongle) and inject rogue keyboard presses on a user’s computer. Fujitsu was notified of the vulnerability but has not released any firmware patches. Bug… Read more →

Database leaks 250K legal documents, some marked ‘not designated for publication’

A database containing 257,287 legal documents, with some marked as “not designated for publication,” was left exposed on the public internet without a password, allowing anyone to access and download a treasure trove of sensitive legal materials. The database, which was left online for roughly two weeks, contained unpublished legal documents relating to US court cases, the security researcher who… Read more →