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FTC launches task force to monitor competition in the tech industry

The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday announced it’s launching a new task force dedicated to monitoring the tech industry for anti-competitive practices. The task force will examine industry practices, conduct law enforcement investigations and review mergers — both prospective and consummated tech mergers. As part of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, the task force will comprise 17 staff attorneys, including… Read more →

Try-before-you-buy will be big for Americans in 2019, say brands

Often brands do not listen to their customers, which can cause frustration and negative perception about the business. So, a new survey that considers both sides of the brand consumer relationship has got to be worth a look if your business is trying to sell to consumers. Also: Millennials demand more social media engagement in exchange for loyalty Austin, Texas-based promotional… Read more →

MariaDB readies new enterprise server

Read this Developers or their bosses: Who really picks the database? Developers may have provided the initial impetus for the popularity of many databases, but some software providers now say that situation is changing. Read More At its annual user and developer conference MariaDB OpenWorks in Manhattan’s Financial District, MariaDB Corp announced it’s releasing a new version of its MariaDB, MySQL-compatible database… Read more →

Autodesk previews Construction IQ, a machine learning service for job site safety

The BIM 360 dashboard showing high-risk items identified by Construction IQ. Autodesk on Tuesday announced the preview release of a new machine learning service that aims to help construction firms extract insights from project data to reduce safety issues on the job site. The design software company said Construction IQ is a new set of capabilities within BIM 360 — Autodesk’s software… Read more →

Reality shock: The #FakeWorld future of ubiquitous AR

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash. “D. P. C. Z. L. F… I don’t know, T?” “That’s not bad, Jack.” Jack was always tense during eye exams, but Doctor Wasserman was friendly and reassuring. “So, do I need a new prescription, Doc?” Also: Augmented and virtual reality mean business: Everything you need to know Wasserman chuckled. “It’s been three years, and… Read more →

NetMotion Software announces Aware update, Mobility key to remote work policy

While working inside the walls of a business it is easy to maintain secure connections, but its still the Wild West when workers go remote and access company networks on the go. NetMotion Software announced its new “Aware” release that includes dynamic web filtering enhancements to secure and manage mobile worker access to web applications and domains across any network…. Read more →

The Rhake: VX backpack from Mission Workshop: Two-layer weatherproof design with diamond ripstop fabric

Mission Workshop is a San Francisco-based company that makes bags, apparel, and accessories that are built to last for years while protecting you and your gear. The company has a wide assortment of backpacks and a couple of months ago I was sent a white The Rhake: VX backpack to test out. The Rhake: VX is a weatherproof laptop backpack… Read more →

Why AI will end Intel’s processor dominance

Machine learning face-off: Microsoft uses Band to show what its Watson rival is capable of Plug-and-play machine learning data models that can instantly analyze information and provide intelligent insights? Yep, Microsoft has ‘em, it says. Read More AI applications are fundamentally different from spreadsheets and word processors. The data structures are different. The I/O patterns are different. The math is,… Read more →

Should police need a warrant to collect evidence with drones?

Should police need a warrant to collect evidence via drones? That question is currently before lawmakers in Indiana as they consider a bill to wipe out current prohibitions on drone use by police without first procuring a warrant. Nationwide, there’s no standard when it comes to police using drones, although the Supreme Court has weighed in generally on the subject… Read more →

LinkedIn intros salary comparison tool for job seekers

LinkedIn is bringing a new feature to its salary tool for job seekers that aims to provide more in-depth salary comparison between current and prospective jobs. Per its own data, about 70 percent of professionals want to know salary information before pursuing a job opening. With that in mind, LinkedIn Salary will now show users a list of “Jobs Where… Read more →

Congress considers a national standard for data privacy

Businesses, consumer advocates and policy makers are largely in agreement that it’s time for Congress to pass nationwide data privacy rules. This week, legislators in the House and the Senate will consider what exactly those rules should say. The conversation kicks off on Tuesday with a hearing in a subpanel of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. One day later,… Read more →

Tech and business decision makers have doubts amid 5G hype

At Mobile World Congress, there’s a barrage of 5G news about new front-end devices such as foldable phones, networking gear and services for everything from the enterprise to smart city. But the executives with the spending power are skeptical about what 5G will mean–if anything–to their businesses. An Accenture survey of 1,800 executives from mid-sized and large businesses found that… Read more →