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ICANN: There is an ongoing and significant risk to DNS infrastructure

Image: ICANN // Composition: ZDNet The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization in charge of the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, has issued a foreboding warning on Friday about the dangers facing the DNS system. ICANN said it “believes that there is an ongoing and significant risk to key parts of the Domain Name System… Read more →

There’s no ops like NoOps: the next evolution of DevOps

Lately, with the rising automation and autonomy of databases, servers, networks, and everything else, there’s been talk of a new mode of software delivery: “NoOps.” That is, new code is pipelined — from developers’ frontal-lobe-to-front-office — quickly and automatically, with minimal need for human intervention. Photo: Joe McKendrick The folks at TechTarget provide a definition of NoOps as “the concept that… Read more →

Adobe patches bug that could blow up MacBook Pro speakers

While it’s pretty rare for software bugs to damage modern hardware, a bug in Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editing software has been permanently blowing up user’s MacBook Pro speakers. Yes, you read that right. This software bug was capable of permanently damaging the laptop’s built-in speakers. Must read: Apple products you shouldn’t buy (February 2019 edition) The problem has been… Read more →

Totallee matte case for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: Ultra thin scratch protection

Old flames: Products that keep the retro fires burning It’s no fun when lovers play mind games, but there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate one’s love of old video games, not to mention other tech products carrying brands that once flamed … Source Article from matte case for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: Ultra thin scratch protection… Read more →

Google opens first developer hub in Singapore

Google is offering a physical space that provides developers in Southeast Asia the resources they need to build products and grow their business, including access to the vendor’s technologies and engineers, hands-on mentorship, and networking opportunities. Occupying 7,200 square feet within its Singapore office, the Developer Space @ Google Singapore is its first such facility worldwide that is “dedicated to… Read more →

Less than one in 10 Americans take necessary steps to prevent identity theft

Think of all the ways you could be a victim of a crime. Do you classify any of these methods as inevitable? In almost every scenario, it is not even close to inevitability, with one major exception: Identity theft.   Your data may already be exposed online. The Collection 1 dump of 773 million email addresses and 22 million passwords, was… Read more →

Russian national, author of NeverQuest banking trojan, pleads guilty

Image from Stanislav Lisov’s arrest in Barcelona Image: Guardia Civil A Russian national pleaded guilty today in a New York court of creating, running, and infecting users with the NeverQuest banking trojan –also known as Snifula and Vawtrack. The man’s name is Stanislav Vitaliyevich Lisov, a Russian national who went online under the names of “Black” and “Blackf,” and who,… Read more →

Another Facebook privacy scandal, this time involving its mobile analytics SDK

Facebook is yet again at the heart of a privacy scandal, but this time the social network may not be as guilty as some people might think. In an explosive exposé published today, the Wall Street Journal revealed that 11 popular mobile apps are sending data to Facebook servers, data that for some apps contains sensitive information such as heartbeat… Read more →

SAS Brazil creates all-in-one data analytics offering

SAS is due to launch a new service offering geared at helping Brazilian organizations develop their data analytics projects from scratch or develop their existing initiatives. The approach dubbed Agile AX  is a world-first for the software firm and aims to deliver a 30 percent reduction in analytics initiatives by providing the skills, infrastructure and tools needed to get projects… Read more →