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Microsoft releases Windows 10 code from the 20H1 branch to Insider testers

Microsoft isn’t yet done developing Windows 10 19H1 (also expected to be known as the April 2019 update/1903). But on February 14, the Windows 10 team released to testers in the “Skip Ahead” ring a new test build which they said comes from the Windows 10 20H1 development branch. Build 18836 is not from the Windows 10 19H2 (October 2019/1909)… Read more →

Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online

One of the facial recognition databases that the Chinese government is using to track the Uyghur Muslim population in the Xinjiang region has been left open on the internet for months, a Dutch security researcher told ZDNet. The database belongs to a Chinese company named SenseNets, which according to its website provides video-based crowd analysis and facial recognition technology. Yesterday,… Read more →

Autodesk opens generative design field lab in Chicago

Autodesk on Thursday announced it’s opening a new public workshop in Chicago where customers can learn about the company’s AI-based generative design technology. The new Generative Design Field Lab will be inside the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)’s 100,000 square-foot innovation center. In a blog post, Autodesk’s Claire Collins called the new field lab “a place where people… Read more →

Amazon pulls out of NYC

Amazon is bailing on its plans to build a campus in Long Island City, Queens. Amazon had run into community opposition and will now stick to its plans in other locations in Virginia and Nashville. The move to New York City was announced in November with plans to invest $5 billion between Long Island City and Arlington County, Virginia. As… Read more →

Data integration issues still impede digital progress, survey shows

The foundation of a digitally savvy enterprise is data, and lots of it, coming from all corners, and having the right data at the right time being digested and turned into insights that guide both humans and machines to make the right things happen. But organizations are still fumbling in their efforts to bring it all together. Cloud services help… Read more →

Employees do not mentally start their work year until Valentines Day

If you have found yourself daydreaming at the office most days, you are not alone according to a new report. Belmont, CA-based workplace communication company RingCentral Glip released its “Best Self at Work” survey. The survey aimed to uncover the relationship between US workers and their use of workplace technology. Special Feature Special report: The future of Everything as a… Read more →

Today in thoughtcrime: UK bill makes clicking on ‘terrorism’ links worth a jail term

In the UK, changes to a bill suggest that it is a criminal offense simply to view content online which is deemed of a “terrorist” nature and prosecution may be assured with a single click. This kind of future should be enough to prompt shivers down the spine of UK residents already subjected to the Snooper’s Charter, not due to… Read more →

Zoho updates its Office Suite amid Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 domination

Zoho thinks there’s still room to innovate in the office productivity space and crowbar its way into a market dominated by Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. The software company’s Office Suite is free for single users, $3 per user per month for small- and medium-sized enterprises and $6 per user per month for enterprises. Google’s G Suite just… Read more →

How Amazon and Eero could bring enterprise-grade threat management to the masses

This week, Amazon bought Eero, a maker of mesh Wi-Fi devices for consumers and small businesses, for an undisclosed sum.  The initial response to this has been mixed, some industry commentators have even called this acquisition “scary”, fearing that the Seattle-based internet retailer and public cloud provider will use Eero’s devices as a way of hoovering more and more information… Read more →