Critic’s Notebook: ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’ and ‘LOLwork’ on Bravo

Of course the real geeks of Mountain View and Menlo Park are smart enough to know that reality is the last thing to expect from a Bravo reality show. What you expect is manufactured camaraderie and conflict, tears, cleavage and product placement, and when “Start-Ups” begins on Monday night that’s what you’ll get, along with togas and flying cocktails. Any… Read more →

Chinese Messaging App Gains Ground Elsewhere

BEIJING — Chinese Internet companies have long struggled to establish their products beyond the country’s borders. In 2007 China’s dominant search engine, Baidu, announced an ambitious plan to break into the Japanese search engine market; as of last year, the company said it had lost more than $108 million trying. WeChat, a mobile messaging application created by Tencent Holdings, China’s… Read more →

The inexorable rise of corporate media and the decline of journalism

Last week’s panel on brand journalism at the Holmes Report’s Global PR Summit in Miami was fabulous. We lost control of the conversation and made so much noise in our room, people from other panels were coming over, curious to see what was happening. My fellow panelists were John Earnhardt from Cisco (Cisco is my original inspiration for ‘every company… Read more →

What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

Remember last month when the Home Shopping Network (HSN) accidentally began taking orders for new Windows 8 PCs a couple weeks before they were supposed to? The company pulled the listings down in short order. But it was clear from the selection of devices and from HSN’s marketing material and in-house videos that they were planning to make a significant push… Read more →

Apple’s iOS 6.0.1 still has Wi-Fi bugs

The latest version of Apple’s new operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, iOS 6.0.1, is still giving some Apple device users Wi-Fi fits. One Apple iOS update later, some iPhone, iPad, and iPod users are still having Wi-FI troubles. You’d think by now, seven weeks after Apple released iOS 6, the technology giant would have fixed all this major… Read more →

Verizon, AT&T networks more than 95 percent working post-Sandy

Verizon, the U.S.’ largest cellular network by subscribers, and AT&T, the second largest, said today that their networks are close to being fully operational on the East Coast, days after Hurricane Sandy hit more than U.S. ten states. It comes after lower Manhattan, which was severely affected by power and Internet outages, is starting to see the lights flicker back… Read more →

Hacker leaks VMware ESX kernel source code online

VMware ESX Server kernel source code files. Screenshot: ZDNet Hackers associated with the Anonymous collective have leaked the source code for the VMware ESX Server kernel on the Web. Dutch hacker, going by the name “Stun,” tweeted a link to a torrent file earlier today, which downloads at just shy of 2MB (compressed) in size, which contains a bevy of… Read more →

NBC Web sites hacked

  The NBC television network’s Web sites were hacked on Sunday morning. NBC, the major U.S. television network, had its Web sites hacked on November 4th. The sites are now coming back up, but hours after the initial Sunday morning  attacks, there are still dead pages and others that aren’t working properly. According to Deadline Hollywood, the attack first appeared… Read more →

Reality check: Big Data BS

When I first heard the expression Big Data my immediate reaction was similar to when I heard about Enterprise 2.0. Here we go, another buzz phrase to get the marketers, anal-ysts and other hangers on to go nuts over. Only this time, rather than taking years to die, I believe the ‘big data’ crapolathon will be squished in the next… Read more →

BPM’s uncertain role in modernizing legacy applications

Can business process management (BPM) play a role in legacy modernization efforts? That’s a debate pointbrought up by SearchSOA’s James Denman, who got mixed reactions to this question. On the pro side, Erik Marks, founder and CEO of AgilePath, says that “BPM and enterprise modernization “are related.” says  The challenges in modernizing legacy applications come mostly from the fact that… Read more →

Oprah places Surface tablet in “Favorite Things” list

Microsoft’s newly launched Surface tablet certainly faces an uphill battle in its quest to take on the likes of the iPad and the myriad Android-powered tablets, but it has managed to impress at least one mogul with a pretty big megaphone — Oprah. The talk show queen has officially given her seal of approval to Surface… Read more →