Malware hijacks your email, sends death threats

Three people were recently arrested in Japan in relation to death threats being posted online and sent through email. However, once a particular malware infection was found on each suspect’s computer, all three were released without charge. Automatically sending threats from your PC, this particularly bloody-minded piece of malware has been blamed for a number of serious threats. According to… Read more →

Yammer: Now with native integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft bought enterprise social-networking vendor Yammer for $1.2 billion in June. And on October 29, Yammer officials announced the first of the deeper integration pieces between the two companies. At its YamJam conference today, Yammer and Microsoft execs announced there will be native integration between Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s not an unexpected announcement, given a Yammer-Microsoft CRM plug-in… Read more →

Google rounds out Nexus lineup: Does this brand hold together?

LG and Google officially launched the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet with Samsung. Google also announced a souped up Nexus 7. The aim for Google is to use its accounts to cover multiple screens.  The Nexus line is designed to be the premier hardware for Google’s Android platform. The promise is that upgrades come sooner. However, Google and… Read more →

Like Apple, Google Now Has Devices That Come in Three Sizes

From top: the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. With the addition of the iPad Mini, Apple offers touch-screen devices in three different sizes. Now its competitor Google is doing the same, introducing a 10-inch tablet, an upgraded seven-inch tablet and a new smartphone. Introduced Monday, the Nexus 10, which Google developed with Samsung, is the company’s first tablet… Read more →

Review: Philips Hue is where gadgets, apps, and lighting meet

One of the major advantages that will come along with the move to LED lighting will be the integration of technology into our bulbs and fixtures. The light will be a technology platform, just like our microwaves, refrigerators, and door locks. We’ve seen this trend beginning over the past few years and it’s only gaining momentum as time moves forward…. Read more →

IBM Symphony orchestrating technical and big data applications

Rohit Valia, of IBM‘s Platform Computing group, stopped by the other day to fill me in on some outstanding technical computing and big data benchmark results that were generated using IBM Platform’s Symphony and LSF products.  The results were impressive. The Terasort benchmark ran 40 times faster using BigInsights and Platform Symphony 5.2 A MapReduce test ran 63 times… Read more →

Big Data: More than just analytics

Analytics provides an approach to decision making through the application of statistics, programming and research to discern patterns and quantify performance. The goal is to make decisions based on data rather than intuition. Simply put, evidence-based or data-driven decision are better decisions.  Analytics replaced the HiPPO effect (“highest paid person’s opinion”) as a basis for making critical decision. So, what… Read more →

Amazon sues former cloud sales chief over Google hiring

Amazon is suing its former Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales chief after he moved to Google, a purveyor of rival cloud goodness. The retail giant turned tablet maker and cloud giant sued Daniel Powers, claiming that his move to Google violates a non-compete clause in his employment agreement, preventing him from working for the competition for 18 months after he… Read more →

Surface pre-order failures: Too many cooks

Throughout the history of tech writing, device makers have sent out review devices for bloggers and journalists to write about. That was certainly the case with Surface RT, and last week we saw a slew of early reviews of the device by my colleagues at ZDNet and other publications. Alas, I didn’t get a review unit. I had to buy… Read more →

IT spending slowdown, emerging trends reshuffles megavendor deck

IBM, EMC, Cisco, HP and others are all saying that customers are becoming cautious about the economy and pulling back on tech spending. This pullback is more like tapping the brakes, but there’s economic uncertainty for sure. The catch is this slowdown could accelerate the thinning of the enterprise megavendor herd. Outside the tech sector, companies such as UPS, 3M… Read more →

Daily Report: Cracking the Code on Mobile Ads

As more of us have access to the Internet and apps through our cellphones and tablets, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach us there, Claire Cain Miller reports in Monday’s New York Times. Some mobile ads remain just miniature versions of ads on Web sites, an echo of the early days of the Internet, when advertisers essentially slapped… Read more →

16GB Nexus 7 drops to $199 ahead of 32GB launch

Your 8GB Nexus 7 (and mine) seemed like a bargain at $199 when it hit the Google Play devices page just a few months ago, but it appears as though its expiration date has already passed. Several major retailers in the U.S. are now listing the 16GB model at that price point, preparing for the impending… Read more →