Reports debate how much Amazon paid for Goodreads

Following the news that Amazon is acquiring Goodreads, now everyone wants to know (or at least speculate) about the price tag. See also: Amazon acquires Goodreads, aims to meld Kindle with social For starters, Amazon hasn’t revealed how much it paid for the literary social network — and it likely won’t. All that has been… Read more →

Facebook ‘Likes’ can reveal your sexuality, ethnicity, politics, and your parent’s divorce

Facebook users that click “like” on a variety of cultural subjects reveal a surprisingly large amount of information about themselves even if they’ve taken steps to tighten up their privacy settings. A recently published study by researchers at Cambridge University in the UK and Microsoft Research, used an automated analysis of 58,000 volunteers’ Facebook “likes” to… Read more →

Google, business, & open-source patent protection

Google’s Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge in which Google promises “not to sue any user, distributor or developer of open-source software on specified patents, unless first “attacked” sounds good. Indeed, it is good. But, this is far from the first time that Google has made such a pledge. Indeed, open-source companies have long banded together… Read more →

Entrepreneur Tech: iPhone apps from savvy start-ups

Previous | Next Image 1 of 13 Moves The Move app records all of the walking, cycling and running you do. The storyline shows where and how much you moved during the day. The app automatically recognizes activities (walking, running, cycling, transportation), routes and places. The data is visualized on a map and a daily… Read more →

Chromebook Pixel: Spoiling me for other Chromebooks

Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook I have been using a Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook since picking it up last year. The Samsung is a great laptop that happens to run Chrome OS, something that works very well for me. I like everything about the Samsung. Then Google sent me a Chromebook Pixel and spoiled… Read more →

Cowon D20 can play music for 90 hours between charges

With smartphones continuing to add new functionality as part of every new generation of hardware, few of us need another device in our pockets. But the continued success of the iPod range shows that consumers still want and use portable media players alongside their smartphones. There’s a whole bunch of manufactures offering PMPs to compete with… Read more →

New Android Smartphone Is Said to Favor Facebook

Valentin Flauraud/Reuters Facebook has been putting increasing focus on its mobile products for over two years. 12:53 p.m. | Updated Added background on Facebook’s mobile business strategy. Facebook will introduce a special version of Google’s Android software system next week that is modified to put the social network front and center on a smartphone. The software will debut on a… Read more →

One on One: Jerry Weissman, Silicon Valley’s Storyteller

Jerry Weissman Jerry Weissman may produce more revenue than almost any director in history. His big successes haven’t been plays or movies, though. For more than two decades, Mr. Weissman, a former television and stage director, has coached the executives of technology companies on the theater of the initial public offering. Mr. Weissman’s company, Power Presentations, works with chief executives… Read more →

Can Line’s Messaging App Crack the American Market?

Line, the mobile messaging application that has built up more than 110 million customers around the world, particularly in Asia, is hoping to make similar inroads in the United States. The company, which is headquartered in South Korea, set up an outpost in San Francisco at the end of last year. “People are really taking to this new way of… Read more →

Facebook’s Android play could be boon for HTC

HTC is an underdog in the Android landscape, has to battle Samsung’s scale and Apple’s knack for design. It’s a tall order that could be made a bit easier with the help of Facebook. According to a Facebook invitation, the company will outline its new home on Android April 4.   Reports from TechCrunch and… Read more →

Pertino serves up small-business networks, in the cloud

Startup Pertino, which just raised an additional $20 million in Series B funding, is testing a cloud service that allows small businesses to set up virtual local area networks or wide area networks using just software. It’s an idea similar to the one behind Meraki, the company that was snapped up by Cisco in November… Read more →

Savvis capitalizes on their cloud customer relationships

One of the issues that consumers of cloud services consider, as part of the selection process for determining which cloud service providers to use, is the reliability of the infrastructure that is hosting the desired services. Removing that concern from the purchase selection criteria can speed the adoption process for cloud services, and that’s part… Read more →