Dell buyout pegged at $13-14 a share: reports

Reports today suggest that Dell may be planning to go private for between $13 and $14 a share, according to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal with knowledge of the matter.  Read this Dell said to be considering buyout and going private Read more It comes as news broke on Tuesday that Dell was… Read more →

CES 2013: Internet of Things Gains Momentum

CES marks for the IT industry an annual time of reflection and I thought it would be good to share Milja Gillespie’s take on CES 2013:  Is the Consumer Electronics Show Turning into the Corporate Electronics Show?    I for one agree with her premise that the line between enterprise and consumer has nearly been erased,… Read more →

Daily Report: Facebook Introduces a New Search Tool

Facebook has spent eight years nudging its users to share everything they like and everything they do, reports Somini Sengupta in Wednesday’s New York Times. Now, the company is betting it has enough data so that people can find whatever they want on Facebook. And on Tuesday, it unveiled an ambitious new tool to help them dig for it. The… Read more →

Symantec: Rogue clouds cause confidential data exposure in business

Although organizations are moving to cloud-based computing systems in their droves, it may result in unforeseen costs unless rogue cloud use is regulated. Symantec’s “The Hidden Costs of Cloud 2013 Survey” (.pdf) suggests that over 90 percent of organizations are now discussing cloud, which is up from 75 percent a year ago, in order to try… Read more →

U.S. power plants combat USB malware infections

How can you bring down a critical part of a country’s infrastructure? Introduce an infected USB drive into the system. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT), two power plants in the three months leading to the end of 2012 reported infections — a number which… Read more →

How to get your business found by Facebook’s Graph Search

“Pictures of my friends in 2009 taken in Lisbon, Portugal”. “Friends that live nearby who like sushi and watching How I Met Your Mother“. “Single women who live near me”.  These are the types of queries that Facebook’s just-announced Graph Search will be able to parse.  Cool, creepy, revealing, or useful? Graph Search gives a… Read more →

Password life expectancy down to seconds

The time an end-user spends devising a password this year will be longer than the life expectancy of that password, according to Deloitte Canada. The research organization said Monday that 90% of user-generated passwords would be relevant for mere seconds under pressure from hackers. Those passwords include so-called strong passwords, which are typically eight characters… Read more →