Fantasy CTO – how would you duplicate Barclays iPad platform?

There’s a storm coming in. I know it’s currently fashionable to frame the IT industry in terms of weather metaphors (*cough* cloud *cough*), but the storm I’m referring to is what happens when enterprises start using post-PC devices as a platform for delivering enterprise solutions. We now know that Barclays are trying it. They’ve bought… Read more →

Putting a 13-Year-Old Child Safely on Facebook

Teens see joining Facebook as a passage into adulthood. Parents see it a little differently. An e-mail in my inbox Monday morning from my editor had a scary subject line:  “Help!” When I opened the message, I read this: “My daughter is 13-years-old today and so, as promised, I let her sign up for Facebook. YIKES. Now I am freaking… Read more →

Daily Report: Police Are Amassing Trove of Cellphone Logs

When a cellphone is reported stolen in New York, the Police Department routinely subpoenas the phone’s call records, from the day of the theft onward. The logic is simple: if a thief uses the phone, a list of incoming and outgoing calls could lead to the suspect. But in the process, the Police Department has quietly amassed a trove of… Read more →

Are Enterprise IT startups the next big deal for VCs?

The consumer web has a bright future, says Dave McClure (above). Dave McClure, the highly successful Silicon Valley Angel/Micro VC investor, published a passionate post about the prosperous future for the consumer web, and criticized other investors for moving away from the sector. Mr McClure writes: Recent articles by the WSJ, Fred Wilson, & others… Read more →

China data security ‘non-existent’ in eyes of US firms

A story titled “Review Cisco” on Chinese magazine China Economy and Information, said the country–which is frequently accused by Western media as a source of security threats–is the de facto victim of network security. It cited data from China National Computer Network Emergency Center, which shows nearly 50,000 foreign IP addresses were Trojans or botnet control… Read more →

20 awesome gadgets and gift ideas for techies!

Previous | Next Image 1 of 20 Touchfire Screen-Top iPad Keyboard For iPad users who hate trying to type on the software-based keyboard, the Touchfire provides a quick tactile feel to give you some semblance of having a keyboard beneath your fingers. Plus, it’s ultra-thin and it even works with smart covers, so it’s not… Read more →

Reboxing: Why I’m returning my Microsoft Surface

(Disclaimer: I’ve been using Apple hardware for almost 30 years and have covered the company, including here at The Apple Core, for 17 years, so I have a definite inclination for its products. This blog post is written from the perspective of an Apple user and is one man’s opinion.) Over the weekend I was… Read more →

How to score an early phone upgrade from Verizon

At the time of this writing, in just 2 short days, I will have a Droid DNA in-hand — a much-welcomed change from my HTC Thunderbolt, which I also purchased the moment it hit the market nearly 2 years ago. This is only happening because I called Verizon and inquired about an early upgrade, despite… Read more →

Google Fiber: are gigabit speeds the real story, or free Internet access?

Have you heard the news? Google has finally started rolling out their fiber initiative, beginning with Kansas City. Google Fiber boasts gigabit speeds that absolutely blow cable Internet speeds out of the water, and for an unbelievably-priced $70 to boot! But while gigabit speeds are an enticingly-delicious prospect to many of us, I think the… Read more →

A patched browser – false feeling of security or a security utopia that actually exists?

Kaspersky Lab’s recently released “Global Web Browser Usage and Security Trends” report sparks several important questions from a security perspective: Does the fact that (according to the study and third-party metrics services) Google’s Chrome has the largest market share, make the Internet any safer? Does it really matter if Chrome users get the latest updates… Read more →

How the iPad mini can transform mobile healthcare

Late last month, Apple debuted the iPad Mini. In that short time, the healthcare community is already buzzing about how this new tablet will affect the industry. Physicians traditionally like using Apple devices and have for some time now used iPhones and iPads in practice. With the introduction of a lighter, smaller hybrid between the… Read more →