Samsung Is Forming an Army in Barcelona

Albert Gea/Reuters Samsung has been omnipresent at a major trade show this week. Samsung Electronics had no new phone to show at Mobile World Congress this week. But it was ubiquitous in Barcelona nonetheless. The South Korean company’s presence was unavoidable even outside the conference. The walls of Barcelona’s metro stations were plastered with enormous posters showing Galaxy phones. Samsung… Read more →

Daily Report: Samsung Armors Android Software to Take On BlackBerry

Samsung’s smartphones, marketed mainly to consumers, have been best sellers all over the world. Now, as Brian X. Chen and Ian Austen report in Thursday’s New York Times, Samsung has been adding security enhancements to make its phones more attractive to big corporations, as the company takes aim at the BlackBerry. Over the last year, Samsung has been quietly beefing… Read more →

Dick Tracy, Your Watch Is Ready, Almost

The gadget industry seems to have decided that 2013 is the year of the smartwatch, David Pogue writes in The New York Times. Source Article from

Bringing Order to Loyalty Cards, E-Tickets and More

Digital versions of loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes and tickets are migrating to iPhones and iPod Touches, J.D. Biersdorfer writes in The New York Times on Thursday. Source Article from

And Now, From I.B.M., It’s Chef Watson

I.B.M. is attempting to expand its artificial intelligence technology and turn its Jeopardy-winning computer Watson into something that actually makes commercial sense, Steve Lohr reports in The New York Times. Source Article from

Mainstreaming our green technology coverage

Almost six years ago, ZDNet’s editorial team granted me a unique opportunity to write about a topic close to my heart: how technology – and in particular information technology – could help green the world around us.  At the time, the Green Grid barely was getting off the ground. It’s now an influential organization with more… Read more →

McAfee CTO: Current security landscape is on its way to failure

SAN FRANCISCO – Enterprise security is finally getting some attention outside of the IT department, but that doesn’t solve any problems alone, based on comments by McAfee‘s worldwide chief technology officer Mike Fey. “When you’re living in real-time, you can do the crazy thing of ‘kill it,’” Fey quipped in reference to responding to network… Read more →

Facebook’s emerging market tales: Brazil promising, Russia tough to crack

Facebook’s international expansion worked well in Brazil and has struggled in Russia as it aims to tackle emerging markets for growth. Speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference on Wednesday, Facebook CFO David Ebersman said the company’s expansion into Brazil has been promising, but Russia has been harder to crack. Ebersman said: What we’ve learned… Read more →

What I Learned about Localization in Turkey

When visiting Turkey a couple years ago, I wanted to get off the beaten tourist track. So, I went up the Bosporus on the regular commuter ferry toward the Black Sea. I got almost all the way to the top, and had a wonderful lunch at a small town. My ferry trip along the Bosporus… Read more →

The NBN isn’t a copyright boogeyman

While there are many legitimate debates to be had around Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) project, I had thought we had long moved on from any discussion equating a potential rise in online copyright infringement to the availability of superfast broadband. Yesterday, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry released its annual report showing a… Read more →