CRM Idol 2012 voting starts today

CRM Idol 2012 is now in its final phase.  Since April 2012, when we started with a field of more than 60 emerging technology companies representing some 15 countries (roughly) around the world, we have put them through, demonstrations of their products, interviews about their companies, intensive discussions around their strategies, thinking, sense of the… Read more →

Do you have a disaster plan?

Even the best run IT operations face the unexpected regardless of the size of the operation. Storms rumble through leaving broken power and communications lines in behind. Buildings can be flooded or damaged by winds. While large companies typically have plans in place and a set of processes to follow, but mid-market companies often don’t…. Read more →

Daily Report: Law Enforcement vs. Cellphone Privacy

Judges and lawmakers across the country are wrangling over whether and when law enforcement authorities can peer into suspects’ cellphones and the cornucopia of evidence they provide, Somini Sengupta reports in Monday’s New York Times. A Rhode Island judge threw out cellphone evidence that led to a man being charged with the murder of a 6-year-old boy, saying the police… Read more →

Autonomy Founder Challenges H.P.’s Claims

A text message from a friend informed him that Hewlett-Packard was taking an $8.8 billion charge. A few minutes later, another message said H.P. was putting most of the blame for the write-down on accounting problems at Autonomy, the company Mr. Lynch co-founded and sold to H.P. last year for $10 billion. There was talk of potentially criminal activities. Since… Read more →

Building Start-Ups via Stars’ Ties to Fans

You might have heard Jessica Alba on daytime TV talking about her new e-commerce company, which sells diapers and other baby supplies, or seen Kim Kardashian pitching her online shoe store in the tabloids. The man behind the companies, Brian Lee, is far from a household name. Yet in the world of tech start-ups, he is an emerging force. Mr…. Read more →

HP: We didn’t know our tech was being sold to Syria

Last year, computing giant HP was linked, albeit tenuously, with the Syrian government.  In one of many reports, take Bloomberg for instance, HP was linked to Italian company Area SpA which bought HP technology from resellers in the area, according to documents seen by the news agency and through sources familiar with the matter. The so-called… Read more →

10 tech gadgets I want for Christmas but won’t buy

Sure, I’m a technology guy. Sure, I love gadgets. Sure, I have a long wish/want list. But, I also have the restraint not to purchase any of them for myself. Now, that said, I’d certainly accept any of them as gifts but I won’t hold my breath waiting for delivery. Every Christmas season rolls around… Read more →