A Pay Cut for Tim Cook? Not Really

In 2012, Apple became the most highly valued public company in history and generated $156.5 billion in revenue — nearly 50 percent more than in 2011. So how much did Timothy D. Cook, the company’s chief executive, take home? A relatively modest $4 million in pay, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The filing,… Read more →

Instagram Flap Shows Confusion Over Control of Content

The ruckus (now lawsuit) over whether Instagram would use your pictures to make money has drawn new attention to an unresolved battle of the Web era: Who owns your stuff online? In a blog post on the company site last week, Instagram’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, sought to reassure users that their “content,” in Web jargon, belongs to them. He pointed… Read more →

Toshiba to make Lytro-style camera for smartphones

Since the release of the incredibly cool Lytro camera, the big question has been when we will see this kind of technology in our existing mobile devices. According to Toshiba, we need only wait until the end of 2013 to see this tech in smartphones and tablets. The way we take photos with smartphones, it stands… Read more →

E-Book Reading Is Up, Study Says

Brian Snyder/Reuters A new study says the number of adults who read e-books jumped in the last year to 23 percent from 16 percent. “The printed page/ was just half a millennium’s brief wonder,” theorized John Updike in a late poem. Exactly when the old order will be completely overthrown is in some dispute, however. The original thinking was that… Read more →

2012 in science & tech: 10 stories that defined the year

1 of 10 Next Tallying up the year’s most important work in science is a fool’s errand. After all, what does “important” really mean? Such a list made in 1952 would probably would have omitted research into the structure of DNA, and been right to do so, but in the wake of Francis and Crick’s famous publication… Read more →

Ireland: It’s Cold. It’s Damp. It’s Perfect.

Like many Americans of a certain age, my view of Ireland started off as the green, verdant countryside across which John Wayne chased Maureen O’Hara and had a bare knuckles brawl with Victor McLaglen in the John Ford film, The Quiet Man. As we approached the end of the last century that view morphed into… Read more →

Jury Awards $1.17 Billion in Patent Suit

Carnegie Mellon University said it was awarded $1.17 billion by a federal jury in Pittsburgh on Wednesday in a unanimous verdict that found the Marvell Technology Group had sold billions of semiconductors using technology developed at the university without a license. The award is one of the largest in a patent infringement case, and comes after a $1 billion verdict… Read more →

Daily Report: Changes Afoot at Electronics Factories in China

Shifts in how Apple deals with manufacturers like Foxconn have convinced executives at other electronics companies that they must also overhaul how they interact with foreign plants and workers, Keith Bradsher and Charles Duhigg report on Thursday in The New York Times. These changes may come at a cost to their bottom lines, though, analysts say, probably not so much… Read more →

Glitches in Amazon’s Cloud

For some on Christmas Eve, “White Christmas” was a blackout on Netflix. That’s because problems with Amazon’s cloud computing service, which provides storage and computing power for all kinds of Web sites and services, caused Netflix to go down for much of the day. In updates on a Web site that reports on the status of its online services, Amazon… Read more →

Chinese writers win infringement case against Apple

The Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court has found Apple liable of copyright infringement involving eight Chinese writers, awarding them 412,000 yuan (US$68,000) in losses. Apple was also ordered to compensate 18,000 yuan on “reasonable costs of litigation expenses”, according to the court ruling announced Thursday morning. Despite the win, the awarded compensation of US$68,000 was a far… Read more →

Are tablets now disposable computing devices?

So, it happened like this. It always basically happens like this. Rewind about a month ago. Me: “Honey, I just got in the new <insert product name here> tablet I ordered to review on ZDNet. Do you want the <insert product name here> that I was using before? I’m going to travel with the new one… Read more →