Vala Afshar’s top 100 influencers on Twitter

Photo credit: “Achieving Clarity” by Michael Krigsman Everyone is fascinated by influencers; the best possess skills, experience, and qualities that can help us achieve the clarity needed to reach safety during difficult situations. READ MORE POSTS FROM THE BEYOND IT FAILURES BLOG Here is Vala Afshar’s list of the “top 100 Twitter accounts that every… Read more →

Foxconn worker commits suicide, factory abuse suspected

After 40 days working in Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory, a 18-year-old male twice jumped off the same hotel building to commit suicide, according to a local newspaper’s report. The man, only identified as Li, tried to kill himself by leaping out of the stairwell window between the third and fourth floor in a hotel in Shenzhen… Read more →

Uncovering the smartphone: a Year 10 perspective

Podcast not working? Click here to download the file. Download Add to iTunes Embed North Sydney Girls is one of New South Wales’ selective schools, and all Year 10 students took part, working in teams of six. Some groups decided to create smartphone apps, for things like the school magazine, urban safety or political… Read more →

Year in Review: Best of Tech Broiler 2012

MEEEEEEEEERRRRRRY Christmas and Happy New Year, Tech Broiler readers! Have you all been good little boys and girls this year? No? Well, that’s ok. Santa’s been bad too. In 2012, the most popular content on Tech Broiler was by far about mobile devices and operating systems. This didn’t surprise me, as mobile was biggest topic of… Read more →

Hacker, Verizon duel over customer record claims

Updated on December 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET: Verizon spokesperson Alberto Canal told ZDNet in an emailed statement: “We have examined the posted data and we have confirmed that it is not Verizon Wireless customer data. Our systems have not been hacked.” The hacker said in a later tweet the data likely belongs to Verizon FiOS… Read more →

Movie magic: How Peter Jackson got The Hobbit down to size

Movies like The Hobbit work because of the total immersion offered by the story. We now have the right technology to allow audiences to believe that the movie was filmed in Middle Earth. Shooting The Hobbit required a new approach to film making to allow everyone to look the proper height. This was accomplished by using… Read more →

Opinion: Apps to Regulate Apps

Last month, Uber was effectively outlawed by Vancouver, British Columbia (by setting a minimum fare so high it discouraged users), and there are proposals to ban it in New York and other cities. Airbnb is already illegal in cities like San Francisco and New York, where unpredictable enforcement can result in enormous fines for its users. To be fair, the… Read more →

The Learning Curve of Smart Parking

In its current state, however, “smart parking” is in some ways little different from regular parking. The term refers to a beguiling technology, now being tested in several cities, that uses sensors to determine whether a particular spot on the street or in a parking garage is occupied or vacant. When a car has overstayed its allotted time, the technology… Read more →