SAP Steps on the Gas

Hasso Plattner, SAP’s chairman and co-founder, at a news conference in 2010. SAP is betting that a product that brought in 1.5 percent of its 2011 revenue is ready to scatter the competition, maybe even revolutionize SAP itself. It’s not a crazy idea. The product, called HANA, uses technology far more advanced than in most of SAP’s business software products…. Read more →

SAP takes ERP in-memory

Today at a press briefing held simultaneously in Frankfurt, New York and Palo Alto, SAP AG announced that its ubiquitous Business Suite software now runs on its venerable in-memory database, SAP HANA.  For a detailed accounting of the news side of the event, read our own Rachel King’s story: Also read: SAP prioritizes real-time apps… Read more →

49.5 million iPhones sold during December quarter, say analysts

Apple’s iPhone 5, released in September, would have had a significant positive impact on the company’s sales figures, thanks to Apple’s break into mainland China. Credit: CNET Apple may have sold anywhere between 43 million and 63 million iPhones during the December quarter.  The wide-range figure was published by Fortune editor Philip Elmer DeWitt, who compiled… Read more →

Google launches Chrome 24 with security fixes

Google launched Chrome 24 with a bevy of security fixes, an update for Flash, support fro MathML and more speed. The details on Chrome’s release page features “security fixes and rewards.” There’s a good bit of the former. Eleven of the security fixes were deemed “high.” Many of the fixes revovled around PDF, JavaScript and… Read more →

Android makes the transition to rice cookers and beyond

Ever since the realization set in that Google’s Android operating system was going to be something huge, it has been a very natural progression to bring the open-source platform outside of the smartphone space and into other consumer electronics. Perhaps no creation speaks to just how widespread Google’s little OS has become than a new Android-powered… Read more →

Sorry Microsoft, I am breaking up with the Surface

I’m a tablet guy by anyone’s definition. I’m also a mobile tech guy. When a new gadget or technology rolls around I get all excited and grab it to give it a go. I did just that when the Surface RT tablet from Microsoft became available months after the surprise announcement last year. I tracked… Read more →

Google puts another $200 million into wind energy

Google has made an equity investment of $200 million in a 161-megawatt Texas wind farm that will produce enough electricity to power approximately 60,000 homes. The Spinning Spur development is located in Oldham County, a windy section of the Panhandle region about 35 miles outside Amarillo. Why another wind investment? The company said on its… Read more →

SAP prioritizes real-time apps with Business Suite running on HANA

SAP is going full-throttle when it comes to developing applications to handle real-time data turnarounds with the introduction of Business Suite on its signature HANA databases. Vishal Sikka, head of technology and innovation at SAP, said during a media presentation in Palo Alto, Calif. on Thursday that the significance of running Business Suite on HANA… Read more →