Today’s Scuttlebot: GIF History, and Samsung vs. Apple

Here are some of the more interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. See more here. Time Warner Cable to Expand Use-Based Internet Billing |  Time Warner Cable’s chief admits that its modem rental fee is “essentially a price increase” because nobody buys a modem. – Brian X. Chen… Read more →

GPS used to catch hay thieves red-handed

There is a drought on in most of the central US, and it has driven up the cost of many farm commodities. When something becomes valuable, there is always someone looking to steal it. That’s just what has been happening with increasing frequency to hay bales. Yes, the kind of hay used to feed livestock has… Read more →

Facebook Likely to End Experiment With Democracy

A half-million Facebook users have told the social network they do not want the company to change its privacy policy. Sounds impressive, right? Well, the only way that crowd will get its way and the status quo remain intact is if an additional 300 million people vote thumbs down before Monday. Odds of that happening? About zero. Facebook says the… Read more →

Five out of six developers now using or deploying open source

Five out of six developers today use or have used open source tools or deployed open source software in their projects, a recent Forrester Research study revealed. But in which software categories? The top five, according to the recent survey, are operating systems, web servers, relational database management systems, IDEs and software configuration management tools…. Read more →

A look back at ZDNet’s most popular posts in 2012

This year was dominated by the slow-down of the PC market, thanks to the impending release of Windows 8, which was finally launched on October 26; along with a bevy of Apple releases, pushing the traditional PC hardware makers away for the post-PC world to begin its market domination.  Also, governments around the world continue… Read more →

Cisco’s mid-term growth strategy betting on IT software, security

Cisco CEO John Chambers was expected to reveal expansion plans and a mid-term growth strategy during the networking giant’s annual analyst day in New York City on Friday. According to Bloomberg, Chambers “affirmed the company’s long-term revenue growth target of 5 percent to 7 percent as he expands software and services offerings.” Reuters added that… Read more →

Five Steps to an Energy Efficient IT Environment

Earlier this week I received an email from the PR firm for the Green Grid with this intriguing title. I know that there is an innate urge in many people to build and use lists to accomplish tasks, but it certainly seems that there should be more than five steps to making IT greener. And… Read more →

Google nearly ready to auction Motorola set-top division

When Google first acquired Motorola, it was speculated that the GOOG would start equipping Moto set top boxes with Google TV. Unfortunately, that is likely never going to happen as Google prepares to collect final bids for the set-top box (STB) division of Motorola. Motorola does a lot of business with the cable companies in selling… Read more →

How sound works on Google’s Project Glass

In case you didn’t know it, the only port on Google’s Project Glass headset is the microUSB port, and it is only used for charging. In other words, Google’s eyeglasses-like head-up display doesn’t work with headphones. recently received information that explains how sound is produced on Project Glass, and what the expected use cases are…. Read more →

Surface Pro battery life: The high cost of using Intel

Surface Pro — half the battery life of the RT model Say what you will about the first tablet from Microsoft, the Surface RT gets great battery life. This is due to using ARM-based hardware, the primary architecture currently used in tablets. ARM is powerful and very gentle on power consumption. It may not be as… Read more →

MATE (Gnome 2) on the way to Fedora 18

A while back I wrote about getting the MATE desktop (which is the fork of the widely used Gnome 2 desktop), on Fedora 17.  It worked, but it had a couple of minor flaws, and I ended up going with Gnome 3 and tweaking it to get it like Gnome 2.  It took some work,… Read more →