Insurance leader AIG drives business transformation and IT service performance through center of excellence model

Gardner: Many organizations are now focusing more on the user experience and the business benefits and less on pure technology — and for many, it’s a challenge. From a very high level, how do you perceive the best way to go about a cultural shift, or an organizational shift, from a technology focus more toward this end-user experience focus? Naguib:… Read more →

Communications on the Internet goes full circle

Back in the dark ages of the Internet, some thirty years ago or more, there was certain etiquette to communications on the net. I’m not talking about shorthand acronyms, security, privacy, or any of the multitude of items that eventually fell under the catch-all term netiquette, but just the way that people sent messages to… Read more → extends QuickBooks integration

Small-business owners relying on the cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks have already enjoyed a feature that integrates data from directly into their accounting systems. Now, Intuit is extending that integration so that the online billing service works with desktop versions of the software, including QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise. The set-up process is relatively simple:… Read more →

Study Finds Weakness in Google’s Android Security Service

Android detecting a dangerous app. 5:09 p.m. | Updated Adding comment from Google. 2:23 p.m. | Updated Adding comment from Lookout. In the latest version of the Android operating system, Google added a security tool that is supposed to prevent users from installing harmful software. But an independent study suggests that the feature fails to detect large swaths of malware…. Read more →

U.K. Web, email snooping draft law dead, at least for now

The U.K. government is to go back to the drawing board with its plans to monitor U.K. Web, email and call traffic, after the leader of the government’s coalition partner called for a “rethink” to the bill. The move was expected after reports surfaced earlier late last month that the Liberal Democrat leader and U.K…. Read more →

If the future is the API, Mulesoft may have the Yellow Pages

There are thousands of active application programming interfaces in the modern IT ecosystem, and many of them – such as those of Facebook, Twitter, various Microsoft ones – form fundamental parts of the internet’s information transit layer. Read this Cloud computing’s utility future gets closer Read more But accessing these APIs and working out their… Read more →

Worldwide Gmail, Chrome crash caused by sync server error

Google’s email service crumbled yesterday for about 40 minutes, leaving millions of enterprise and consumer users without access to their cloud-stored email.  Gmail didn’t fall down due to a denial-of-service attack as was reported initially yesterday (which was quickly amended), despite no initial evidence to suggest that it was. The search giant said on its dashboard status… Read more →

Daily Report: Apps for Children Fall Short on Disclosure to Parents, Report Says

Natasha Singer reports in The New York Times about a new federal report that says hundreds of the most popular educational and game mobile apps for children fail to give parents basic explanations about what kinds of personal information the apps collect from children, who can see that data and what they use it for. The apps often transmit the… Read more →