Law Enforcement Rarely Uses Search Warrants in Getting Twitter Data

United States law-enforcement agencies by and large do not establish probable cause or obtain a search warrant from an impartial judge before they seek information about a Twitter user, the company said Monday in its second transparency report. The company said it received a little over 1,000 requests for information between July and December 2012. Most came from the United… Read more →

Geek deals: D-Link WiFi home security camera, BioShock Infinite pre-order, more

Many of the pet owners reading Geek, myself included, have probably wondered what exactly our furry (or slithery?) babies do during the day. Are they secretly cleaning themselves on your pillow, investigating your cabinets, or just sleeping innocently on the couch? Thanks to technology these days it is plenty easy to find out. Just grab something… Read more →

TimesCast Media+Tech: Changes at The New Republic

The right to unlock cellphones expires. Chris Hughes, publisher of The New Republic, discusses its redesign. An animated look at how technology may change our daily routines. Source Article from

What Google does when a government requests your data

It’s time to face facts: Google wants your data, but governments around the world want it more. Google Transparency Report shows U.S. leads in user data requests. (Credit: Google) Google has as much, if not more data on you than your own government does. Google, as a private company with its own interests, is not… Read more →

Chip inventory at semiconductor suppliers hits ‘alarmingly high levels,’ says analyst

A slowdown in PC sales left semiconductor suppliers with “alarmingly high levels” of chips held in inventory during the third-quarter of 2012, claims analytics firm IHS. During the second half of 2011, chip supplies head by semiconductor suppliers had fallen, but since then inventories have steadily risen to 47.5 percent of total revenue in the… Read more →

Acer’s definition of Windows 8 failure: Is it fair?

Acer CEO Jim Wong said that Google Chrome-based PCs are 5 percent to 10 percent of the PC maker’s U.S. shipments and “Windows 8 itself is still not successful,” according to a Bloomberg report. The key here is defining what makes success for Windows 8. Bloomberg noted Wong’s definition of Windows 8 success is based… Read more →

Daily Report: Pentagon Expanding Online Defenses

Defense officials say that the Pentagon is moving toward a major expansion of its cybersecurity force to counter increasing attacks on the nation’s computer networks, as well as to expand offensive computer operations on foreign adversaries, Elisabeth Bumiller reports on Monday in The New York Times. The expansion would increase the Defense Department’s Cyber Command by more than 4,000 people,… Read more →

Is Twitter’s Vine the new ‘micro-porn’ service?

Credit: Jon Sullivan Well that didn’t take long did it? Only a couple of days after Twitter launched its new video service, Vine easily searchable pornographic video clips are circulating around Twitter. Vine positions itself firmly around brevity. It captures six second videos and posts the content to Twitter. These videos now play in an… Read more →