More Retailers at Risk of Amazon ‘Showrooming’

Target and Best Buy have made it pretty clear they are fighting back against the phenomenon of showrooming, in which customers browse for television sets and other products in stores and then buy them online from Amazon and other etailers for less. Both companies recently made their seasonal practices of matching prices at online retailers a year-round policy. A new… Read more →

Torvalds clarifies Linux’s Windows 8 Secure Boot position

No one, but no one, in the Linux community likes Microsoft’s mandated deployment of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Secure Boot option in Windows 8 certified PCs. But, how Linux should handle the fixes required to deal with this problem remains a hot-button issue. Now, as the debate continues hot and heavy, Linus Torvalds,… Read more →

GDRs and Microsoft’s road to Windows Phone Blue

Leaks about an alleged new HTC Windows Phone in the works have a number of WP watchers wondering what a “GDR” is and how it relates to Microsoft’s plans for its mobile platform. The Windows Phone division has gone larely quiet, as of late. This seems to be a strategy, given PC Mag’s report about… Read more →

Telepresence, video conferencing enters good enough age

Video conferencing equipment revenue in the fourth quarter fell 8.6 percent from a year ago to $739.8 million and sales for 2012 fell 2.6 percent, according to research firm IDC. The biggest reasons for the declines were immersive telepresence systems revenue, which fell 32.8 percent in 2012. Video networking infrastructure sales also fell 4.5 percent… Read more →

Dowd: Get Off of Your Cloud

When Marissa Mayer became queen of the Yahoos last summer, she was hailed as a role model for women. The 37-year-old supergeek with the supermodel looks was the youngest Fortune 500 chief executive. And she was in the third trimester of her first pregnancy. Many women were thrilled at the thought that biases against hiring women who were expecting, or… Read more →

Internet Sleuths Add Evidence to Chinese Military Hacking Accusations

Regular users of the Internet have been busy in the week since The New York Times reported that Mandiant, a computer security firm, had tied a prolific Chinese hacking group to a specific People’s Liberation Army unit in Shanghai. Chinese-speaking users and amateur hackers have scoured the Internet for traces of the online personas of those who Mandiant claims work… Read more →

Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video

A 30-second video of a newborn baby shows the infant silently snoozing in its crib, his breathing barely perceptible. But when the video is run through an algorithm that can amplify both movement and color, the baby’s face blinks crimson with each tiny heartbeat. The amplification process is called Eulerian Video Magnification, and is the brainchild of a team of… Read more →