2 New Accessories Move TiVo Premiere to Another Level

I do, anyway. TiVo made me a cultist. “I don’t know or care when a TV show will be broadcast or on what channel,” I’d explain to anyone who would listen. “I just tell the TiVo what show or actor or director I like, and it records shows automatically. I bypass ads with the 30-second skip button. I can watch… Read more →

Daily Report: Google Hastens to Show Concern for Privacy

Google executives are realizing that penalties for privacy breaches, like those it acknowledged involving its Street View project, do matter, if only because of the reputational risks, David Streitfield and Claire Cain Miller report in Thursday’s New York Times. In the culmination of a two-year investigation into whether its Street View mapping project violated privacy protections, law-enforcement officials told Google… Read more →

Amid buyout anger, Dell offers investors financial data

In order to try and soothe the ruffled feathers of its investors, PC maker Dell has agreed to provide investor information to its largest external shareholder Southeastern Asset Management. CEO Michael Dell, who holds a 14 percent stake, has led the charge to take Dell private, and keep the company’s financial state away from the… Read more →

Sharp to raise $313 million in bank loans

Sharp will receive 30 billion yen ($313 million) this week from various banks in order to try and keep the ailing firm afloat. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that three banks will finance the loan, Resona Bank Ltd., Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation. According to… Read more →

Phil Schiller bashes Android on eve of Galaxy S4 announcement

Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller is in rare form. He’s talking trash about Android in an effort to diffuse attention from the Apple-style splash Samsung is expected to make when it announces the highly-anticipated Galaxy S IV smartphone at an event at Radio City Music Hall in New York tomorrow, March… Read more →

Twitter for Windows 8, Windows RT now in the Windows Store

One of the biggest shortcomings of Windows 8 and Windows RT has been the lack of fully-functioning Twitter clients for the product. There have been a few different options, including my Windows 7 Twitter-client favorite, MetroTwit, that have debuted for Microsoft’s latest operating system. But in my opinion, none of them has worked very well… Read more →