How to Bypass Instagram’s Twitter Barrier

As I reported earlier on Wednesday, Instagram will block Instagram photos from appearing on Twitter’s Web site. This means that when people post a photo from Instagram to Twitter, only a link will be displayed rather than the actual image. To see an Instagram picture in its filtered glory, people will have to leave Twitter and go to Instagram’s Web… Read more →

For Europe, Search Bias Is Still Central in Settlement Talks With Google

In their inquiry of Google, European antitrust officials remain focused on accusations that Google’s dominant search engine gives favored placement to the company’s commerce and other services, thwarting competition. In their settlement talks with Google, European regulators insist that the search bias issue must be addressed, even if the Federal Trade Commission chooses to back off that element of its… Read more →

Review: Heli-Max 1SQ, the $100 quadcopter

Every time another quadcopter drone video surfaces, where a handful of engineers have managed to program a couple dozen of these little robots to fly around performing utterly fantastic choreographed maneuvers, I can’t help but watch them over and over again. Most people struggle to pilot just one of these little machines without destroying them, so controlling many of… Read more →

Fired Up About the Kindle Fire

Michael Nelson/European Pressphoto Agency Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, introduced the new Kindle Fires in September. When introduced its first tablet last year, one of the harshest reviews came from Jakob Nielsen, the usability expert. He slammed the Kindle Fire for offering “a disappointingly poor” experience. ”If I were given to conspiracy theories, I’d say that Amazon deliberately… Read more →

Egenera acquires Fort Technologies; cloud management

Egenera, the Massachusetts-based cloud management company, announced this morning that it will acquire Dublin, Ireland-based Fort Technologies, which makes cloud lifecycle software. As you can deduce from the above, the name of the game is enterprise-class cloud services. Egenera wants Fort’s management capabilities for its PAN Cloud Director software, its EMEA — that’s Europe, Middle East,… Read more →

Training big data’s eye on cybersecurity threats

“Data is the new oil.” So goes a refrain that has seen a surge of popularity in recent months. For us technology types, data has always been core to our way of life, but only in the last few years has its value been so transparent. Nevermind the components of your smartphone, or the infrastructure… Read more →

Laptop alternatives for grade school kids

The holiday gift giving season is upon us and the popularity of tablets makes them a hot gift requested by kids. Parents are beginning to look at gift ideas for their kids, and forearmed with the right information a tablet purchase can eliminate the need for laptops in many cases. I am receiving email every… Read more →

Proximal Data – tackling the virtual server I/O problem

Proximal Data‘s CEO, Rory Bolt, and VP of sales and business development, Rich Pappas stopped by to introduce the company, discuss the company’s product, AutoCache and discuss how optiizing physical system storage I/O can improve virtual machine performance dramatically. Proximal Data Proximal Data was founded to address three trends: Server virtualization (e.g. the use of… Read more →

EMC execs discuss future of flash technology in the enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO – Adoption of flash technology is growing rapidly with enterprise customers, but industry execs argue that there is still some confusion about the different kinds of flash available, applicable use cases, and overall costs. Aiming to grab the lead when it comes to selling flash technology and related services in the enterprise space,… Read more →

Intel’s Schooling From the ‘Big Four’ Cloud Customers

Diane Bryant, who runs Intel’s data center group. Intel prides itself on having some of the smartest engineers around. When it comes to the world’s largest computing systems, however, the chip giant now takes a back seat to a certain kind of powerful new customer. How giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon work with Intel could mean a lot… Read more →

Car Insurance By the Mile

Andy Isaacson for The New York Times A road in Oregon, where an insurance company is selling auto insurance based on how much people drive. We live in an age of information everywhere, and all that data is changing some of the most staid industries imaginable. Yes, you’re reading about car insurance. A company called MetroMile has started selling insurance… Read more →