Facebook Refines Ad Targeting

Karen Bleier/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Facebook has partnered with data companies to track online — and offline — purchase behavior. Bought granola at the supermarket lately? Expect to see an ad soon on your Facebook page for something that fits your granola-buying profile. Facebook on Wednesday rolled out a long-anticipated and potentially lucrative way to show highly targeted advertisements… Read more →

A Venture Capital Partnership for Google Glass Apps

Eric Laurits From left, Marc Andreessen, Bill Maris and John Doerr. Three prominent venture capital funds want software developers to know they are on the hunt for apps and software for Google Glass, the company’s Internet-connected glasses. On Wednesday, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Andreessen Horowitz announced the Glass Collective, an investment partnership. The three firms said… Read more →

Bitcoins crashed hard, popular pools closed, and you should’ve seen it coming

If you haven’t been paying too much attention to our Bitcoin coverage lately, you’ve been missing out on an emotional, often hilarious roller coaster of monetary value. In a majority of the posts this blogger has written, though, there is either a very direct or somewhat indirect mention of how Bitcoin is always up and down, and how it always… Read more →

Turning Street View Images Into Time-Lapse Films

Hyperlapse videos are a variation of traditional time lapse filmmaking in which the camera travels while also panning, rotating and tilting. The effect can be striking or dizzying. But under normal circumstances, coordinating all that action and turning it into a film is exceedingly complex and time consuming. A Toronto design studio, Teehan & Lax, has developed an online, no-cost… Read more →

G.E. Turns to the Crowd for Help in Creating Consumer Products

Robert Wright for The New York Times Ben Kaufman, founder of Quirky, in 2011, with one of the company’s socially developed products. General Electric has been making a serious push in recent years into the so-called Internet of Things, where all kinds of devices connect to the Internet, creating a constant stream of data about how they’re working. Now it… Read more →