Wanelo: Social Commerce Site Is Big With Young Shoppers

The upsides to shopping online are plentiful — skipping long checkout lines and avoiding stuffy dressing rooms, to name two. But the downside is that unless you know exactly what you’re shopping for, it can be challenging to find great new things to put in your cart. Fashion Tumblrs, Pinterest and Lookbook.nu, a street photography site, are certainly adept at… Read more →

Logitech offloads units in ‘disappointing’ quarter

Logitech, maker of mice, keyboards, gaming accessories and peripheral devices, has announced its intentions to sell its Harmony remotes division in the face of a “disappointing” Q3. The firm’s posted Q3 earnings report says that sales fell by 14 percent from $715 million in Q3 FY2012 to $615 million. In addition, Logitech suffered an operating… Read more →

Symantec to axe 1,000 employees: report

The firm’s quarterly financial results, released yesterday, were fairly good. However, that hasn’t stopped the firm from announcing a new corporate strategy in the meantime. The press release mentioned that the firm’s new strategy would “deliver significantly improved performance for customers and partners,” and middle-management cuts were certainly a possibility in an effort to streamline… Read more →

ITC to review Apple, Samsung decision in patent dispute

The ITC has been persuaded by Samsung to review the preliminary decision that a number of the smartphone maker’s products infringe on Apple-owned patents. The International Trade Commission, who specializes in trade and patent disputes across the U.S., will be taking on the case, the panel announced Wednesday. Although the ITC will be reviewing the… Read more →

Apple’s brave old world of cannibalization

Apple on Wednesday reported its first fiscal quarter financial results: sales of 48 million iPhones (a record), 23 million iPads (a record), only 4 million Macs (constraints on new models a problem) and 13 million iPods (who expects this line to keep growing?). And this is a company that’s a failure? The financial analysts are… Read more →

Australia’s National Security Strategy? Or Labor’s election-year cyber gimmick?

Podcast not working? Click here to download the file. Download Add to iTunes Embed Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just spent two days of news cycle on Australia’s national security, and the message is clear–terrorism was last decade’s bogeyman. The PM’s speech even had a helpful title: “Australia’s national security beyond the 9/11 decade.”… Read more →

Swipp launches global ratings system for all things, people, and places

I’m a big fan of the team behind today’s launch of Swipp, a service that aggregates people’s rating of any product, service, person, city…anything. (Credit: Tom Foremski) Swipp’s ambition is to become a global platform that connects and collects the world’s “social intelligence” about anything that can be named. A “swipp” is a vote on… Read more →

Apple boasts enterprise sweet spot for the iPad

As Apple touted record iPad sales numbers during its fourth quarter earnings conference call on Wednesday, it highlighted some big customer names too. (Credit: Apple) For the record, Apple sold 22.9 million iPads last quarter. Although estimates were calling for somewhere in between 23 million and 25 million, that’s still a lot of tablets compared… Read more →