New iPad Pro: Fantasy features list

It’s been years since I owned an iPad. I think the last one I bought was a third-generation model, and I handed it down to someone who would actually use it after I noticed that I’d let the battery go flat and had been using it as a mouse mat for weeks. But with a new iPad Pro launch happening… Read more →

Best gifts: Top iPhone XS or XS Max accessories

iPhone XS Max cost too much? Great smartphones in every price range It’s a great time to buy a smartphone, no matter what your budget. You can find functional and reliable handsets from about $197 to over $1,000. Source Article from gifts: Top iPhone XS or XS Max accessories blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Presidential race in Brazil marred by WhatsApp scandal

Companies supporting Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro have been accused of backing a campaign to fire thousands of WhatsApp messages attacking his opponent, Fernando Haddad. A front-page story published yesterday (18) on Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo details a defamatory scheme whereby businesses are contracting a blast messaging service through the app with contracts reaching up to 12 million… Read more →

This is how researchers can now track 3D printed guns, weapons

In the same way that no human fingerprint is exactly the same, neither are 3D printers — and these small differences can be used to find the source of dangerous 3D-printed goods, researchers say. According to academics from the University of Buffalo, there is a way to use the ‘fingerprint’ of 3D printers to accurately trace items printed through the… Read more →

‘I’m sorry, Dave': 9 real times AI has given us the creeps

McAfee opens Advanced Threat Research Lab The Hillsboro, Oregon lab showcases a range of threats, including adversarial machine learning used on autonomous vehicles, Windows vulnerabilities, medical device flaws and … Source Article from‘I’m sorry, Dave': 9 real times AI has given us the creeps blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Chinese city to launch artificial moon in hopes of replacing street lights

A Chinese city has plans to build what it is describing as an “artificial moon” and bright enough to possibly replace the need for street lights. The Southwestern city of Chengdu revealed it would launch its illumination satellite in 2020, which it said was designed to emulate moonlight and would be eight times brighter than the real moon. The aim… Read more →

Zero-day in popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years

For at least three years, hackers have abused a zero-day in one of the most popular jQuery plugins to plant web shells and take over vulnerable web servers, ZDNet has learned. The vulnerability impacts the jQuery File Upload plugin authored by prodigious German developer Sebastian Tschan, most commonly known as Blueimp. The plugin is the second most starred jQuery project… Read more →

Canberra competence shines in day of PM domain lapses and tortured analogies

Once again, Australia politicians have failed at the first hurdle when it comes to handling anything remotely technical. Today’s victim is none other than Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose domain lapsed and was subsequently picked up by a digital marketer called Jack Genesin. Rather than a federal member’s electorate site, a WordPress install instead blasted out the song “Scotty… Read more →

Flaws in telepresence robots allow hackers access to pictures, video feeds

Telepresence robots from Vecna Technologies can be hacked using a suite of five vulnerabilities. The flaws can be combined to allow an attacker full control over a robot, giving an intruder the capability to alter firmware, steal chat logs, pictures, or even access live video streams. Vecna has already patched two of the five vulnerabilities and is in the process… Read more →

Atlassian beats Q1 estimates as it deepens focus on IT teams

Atlassian published its first quarter fiscal 2019 financial results on Thursday, beating market expectations. Nevertheless, shares were down in after-hours trading. The collaboration and productivity software firm reported a non-IFRS net income of $49.2 million or 20 cents per diluted share. A year prior, net income came to $32.5 million or 13 cents per diluted share. Total revenue in Q1… Read more →

PayPal beats Q3 earnings targets

PayPal delivered solid third quarter financial results on Thursday, beating market estimates. The San Jose, Calif.-based payments company reported a net income of $694 million, or 36 cents per share. Non-GAAP earnings were 58 cents per share on revenue of $3.68 billion, up 14 percent year over year. Wall Street was looking for earnings of 54 cents per share on… Read more →