Cisco Wants Your Video to Find You

Michael Nelson/European Pressphoto Agency Marthin De Beer, a senior vice president at Cisco, in Las Vegas on Monday. In the future, the TV shows and movies you want to watch should find you — you shouldn’t have to find them. And you should be able to watch them on any device. That’s the video service Cisco Systems wants to put… Read more →

EHR, the cloud, and your medlist

Let’s say it’s time again for your routine checkup. Maybe your doctor has implemented electronic health records and always has a laptop in the room these days. Maybe the nurse or medical tech is asking you those same questions they ask every time. You find yourself thinking, “If EHR is so great, how come they… Read more →

AMD’s E2-2000 and E1-1500 APUs outed

Two new processors based on the older Bobcat architecture have been posted to AMD’s German website. The two processors — the E2-2000 and the E1-1500 — are designed as replacements for the existing E2-1800 and the E1-1200 parts. The E2-2000 is a 1.75GHz dual-core accelerated processing unit (APU) that comes with 1MB of L2 cache… Read more →

Test Run: Evernote Food

The Evernote Food app. Evernote has been my auxilliary brain for several years now. I use it to jot down ideas, save articles I’ve read and compile research. Because it is searchable, I’ve also used it to record recipes and restaurants. It did a good job of it. But a revised app from Evernote does an even better job at… Read more →

TimesCast Media+Tech: Producer Dick Wolf’s New Novel

“Law & Order” producer releases his first novel. The challenges of online education. Gene Liebel, chief strategy officer of HUGE, on the impact of second-screen TV viewing. Source Article from http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/07/timescast-mediatech-producer-dick-wolfs-new-novel/

Today’s Scuttlebot: Game Wreckers and a Changing C.E.S.

Here are some of the more interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. See more here. Why We’re Not at the Biggest Tech Show in the WorldBuzzfeed.com |  One tech editor on why he skipped the Consumer Electronics Show. The main reason? It’s just not that important anymore. – Jenna… Read more →

A Start-Up Clips the Web but Doesn’t Broadcast It

Gary Flake believes that a lot of people who share images and other content through social networking services are mostly performing, cultivating artificial online versions of themselves aimed at impressing others. Naturally, Mr. Flake, a veteran technologist who has held senior positions at Microsoft and Yahoo, has a solution, a service that he believes is a more authentic reflection of… Read more →

Analyst: Windows 8 hardware ‘overpriced’ and offers ‘no clear benefit in switching from iOS or Android’

Microsoft, along with its hardware partners, pinned an awful lot of hope on Windows 8 that it would be the catalyst that would inject new life into the stagnant PC industry. One analyst believes that while there will be growth, it will fall far short of what was expected. While market research firms are forecasting… Read more →

Smartphones: over .99 billion served

  Manufacturers of consumer electronics will ship more than 1 billion smartphones this year, according to a CNET report on as-yet-unreleased research from accounting firm Deloitte. And that number could reach as high as 2 billion, depending on how you define “smartphone.” The firm won’t release all of its numbers until next Tuesday, but there… Read more →