SellSimple helps to sell your junk via multiple venues

SellSimple is a new website and iOS app (free, App Store) that allows you to list your items for sale on several popular marketplaces and social networks simultaneously from your iPhone — in under a minute. After setting up an account, it’s just of matter of snapping a few photos of your, ahem, “treasure,” entering a… Read more →

U.S. Tech Firms Facing Stronger European Data Protection Measures

In the end, all of those trans-Atlantic flights may not have paid off. Over the last year, representatives of the United States government and American technology companies have repeatedly traveled to Brussels and Strasbourg in the hopes of containing an effort by the European Commission to strengthen data protection rules for citizens of the European Union. But on Tuesday morning,… Read more →

C.E.S. 2013: Have You Programmed a Ford Lately?

Ford is encouraging developers to make apps for its cars. LAS VEGAS — In a bid to move more apps to the dashboard, Ford has announced it will give away tools to help software engineers adapt their apps for the Ford Sync system. Ford’s open source software development kit lets programmers create apps that work with the buttons on a… Read more →

C.E.S. 2013: Interview With Ralph de la Vega of AT&T Mobility

Sean Gardner/Reuters Ralph de la Vega AT&T, the phone carrier, has a lot in store for the coming year. On Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it said that its new wireless home security system, Digital Life, would become available in March. And it plans major expansions for its fourth-generation LTE networks for cellphones. In an… Read more →

C.E.S. 2013: Aereo Announces Expansion, $38 Million in Financing

3:13 p.m. | Updated Adding legal background and mention of Bloomberg TV. Aereo, the ambitious New York start-up that pipes live broadcast television to mobile phones, tablets and Web browsers, has so far been available only to customers in its hometown. C.E.S. 2013 Dispatches from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But on Tuesday, the company said it would… Read more →

The future of input: A look at Intel’s Perceptual Computing

Over the last year, we’ve seen companies move us ever closer to using our eyes, hands, and voice to control our computers. Now Intel hopes to develop an integrated solution for their products that pulls from all of these developing technologies. They call it perceptual computing. Facial recognition software, voice commands, eye tracking, and gesture controls… Read more →

C.E.S. 2013: For the Speedy, a Sneaky Radar Detector

The Cobra iRadar S-series radar detector hides behind the grille in your car. Let’s face it, radar detectors are made for the sneaky. And yet the radar detector, there on the dashboard or window, serves notice to law enforcement officers about your intentions (not to mention, the devices are still illegal in some states). C.E.S. 2013 Dispatches from the Consumer… Read more →

Dell Wyse launches cloud stick dubbed Project Ophelia

Dell’s Wyse unit has launched a device that’s aimed to turn monitors and TVs into a cloud-enabled thin client. The effort, Dell Wyse’s Project Ophelia, is akin to a USB memory stick except that it provides a virtual window into personal and corporate data. The device will be available in the first half of 2013…. Read more →

Does flywheel have a future in the datacenter?

In a report yesterday on the website Data Center Knowledge, Active Power, the leading proponent of flywheel based UPS systems, announced a multi-million dollar contract to supply almost 11 MW of backup power to an unnamed Internet search provider with datacenters in the Pacific Northwest. The site speculates that the unnamed customer is, in fact,… Read more →

AT&T sold 10m smartphones in Q4, beats 2011 record

AT&T said today that it sold more than 10 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, the period towards the end of the year during the lucrative Christmas and holiday months, thanks mostly due to the high demand of Android devices and iPhones. The previous record was 9.4 million smartphones during the same quarter in 2011,… Read more →

Will 2013 be the ‘year of freedom’ for knowledge workers?

Are you frustrated that your company refuses to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) throughout the organisation? Are you weighed down by your personal and company issued devices? Is your tablet not permitted to connect? Are your work devices limiting your productivity? Perhaps 2013 will be the time to break free from proprietary apps and… Read more →