Windows 8’s Clarity Problem

Windows 8, featuring SkyDrive. A modest suggestion to Microsoft: Next time, more verbs. Last week I was lent a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, a high-end ultrabook running Windows 8. In many ways, it is an impressive machine, with a clear screen, a fast Intel processor and a great keyboard. The touch screen is clever, with both responsive glass and software that… Read more →

Daily Report: The Browser Wars Are Back

Many consumers are not so sure what a Web browser is. But these programs have become a crucial business for tech companies like Google and Microsoft, Claire Cain Miller reports in Monday’s New York Times. That is because they are now the entry point not just to the Web but to everything stored online, like Web apps, documents and photos…. Read more →

Mobile Video Calling Creates a New Frontier

PALO ALTO, Calif. — The next competition in technology is your face — anywhere, anytime. As the cameras and screens of smartphones and tablets improve, and as wireless networks offer higher bandwidth, more companies are getting into the business of enabling mobile video calls. The details vary from one service to the next, but the experiences are similar: from anywhere… Read more →

In Pursuit of McAfee, Media Are Part of Story

Years earlier, Mr. McAfee had relocated to a Colonel Kurtz-like compound in the jungles of Belize, surrounding himself with armed guards and multiple young lovers. Then, with reports that he was a “person of interest” in the death of a neighbor, Mr. McAfee had gone on the lam. Last Monday, after several days of surreptitious travel, Mr. Castoro and Mr…. Read more →

ExtraHop, Hyper-V and Analysis as a Service

ExtraHop recently reached out to me to let me know about two announcements — agentless technology to monitor virtual servers that are supported by Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Atlas Connect Service a new service offering designed to help organizations manage complex, mutli-tier, physical/virtual/cloud-based applications. What ExtraHop has to say about its announcement The First Agentless APM… Read more →

Climbing Trillions Mountain: a field guide to the Internet of Things

Widespread machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is bringing about the Internet of Things — or ‘the trillion-node network’, as the authors of this book put it. Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology, which is written by the three principals of MAYA Design (a Pittsburgh-based design consultancy and technology research lab), addresses the problem of how to… Read more →

Android, too complex for its own good

Android started as an immature mobile platform designed to handle smartphones. Google has added functionality to Android so it now handles tablets in addition to handling smartphones much better than that first version. Unfortunately, the growth of the platform has magnified a horrible update problem to the point that every update seems to break as… Read more →

Motorola Mobility to pull out of Korea, more than 500 jobs cut

Motorola Mobility will close “most” of its South Korean operations by 2013, according to a leaked internal memo. According to the memo (in Korean), the move is part of a continued global restructuring effort by its parent company Google, which bought the smartphone maker earlier this year for $12.5 billion. Since then, however, restructuring costs have… Read more →

IBM takes optical chip breakthrough to standard manufacturing

IBM on Monday will outline how an optical communications advance is now possible with standard 90-nanometer semiconductor manufacturing processes. The upshot is that these advances will allow light to transmit information and speed up data transfer. The technology is dubbed silicon nanophotonics and was outlined in a 2010 proof of concept paper. Silicon nanophotonics uses… Read more →

Condusiv launches V-Locity 4, aims to speed up virtual machines

Condusiv Technologies on Monday launched the latest version of its V-Locity software, which aims to speed up VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines without adding new storage hardware. The company, formerly known as Diskeeper, is aiming to derive 30 percent of its revenue from V-Locity 4. Today, V-Locity accounts for 10 percent of sales. V-Locity… Read more →