End of an era: Philips sells off consumer electronics division

Philips has decided to get out of the consumer electronics market, no doubt causing consumers everywhere to either feel nostalgic about the end of a legend, or to think, “Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that company.” It seem Philips has been unable to successfully compete against companies like Samsung and Sony in such a frenetic… Read more →

Chinese e-retailers cut staff despite market boom

After one of the country’s most prominent electronics retailers, Gome Electrical Appliance, last week announced it would lay off 200 staff on its e-commerce platform Gome.com.cn, a number of other B2C (business-to-commerce) retailers in China have also followed suit. With the Chinese New Year approaching, Qianpin, one of China’s top 10 group-buying sites, confirmed in a First Financial Daily report that the company fired around 200 employees in a new round of layoffs executed in end-2012, accounting for almost 40 percent of Qianpin’s total headcount. In 2011, the company announced it successfully attracted venture capital totaling 100 million yuan (US$16.1 million), touting “not-short-of-cash” as its recruitment gimmick. Some of China’s local clothing brands also closed their online stores on Taobao Mall (TMall), the… Read more →

Indian banks to be big IT spenders this year

Indian banking and securities companies will spend 416 billion Indian rupees (US$7.7 billion) on IT products and services this year, an increase of more than 12 percent compared to the 2012 revenue of 370 billion Indian rupees (US$6.88 billion), according to Gartner. This forecast includes spending by financial institutions on internal IT (including personnel), hardware,… Read more →

39 design patterns to boost your cloud architecture

Arcitura Education, which has long been leading the way in service-oriented architecture and cloud thought leadership, has just launched CloudPatterns.org, a community site for documenting master patterns for cloud computing platforms and architectures. The site is similar to SOA patterns, which cataloges key design patterns for service oriented architecture. Arcitura president Thomas Erl is the… Read more →

HTML5 ‘turns web pages into computers': Berners-Lee

In a brief appearance on BBC, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, said that HTML5 means significant design changes for the Web as we’ve known it. HTML5 essentially means “every single web page out there, if you like, is like a computer,” he said. “So you can program it to do whatever… Read more →

Cisco acquires Cognitive Security, aims to boost network security

Another day, another Cisco acquisition. (Credit: Cisco) The networking giant said today in a blog post that it intends to acquire Cognitive Security, a small privately-owned security firm based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company focuses on network security research and applying artificial intelligence techniques in order to detect advanced cyber-threats. In comments, Cisco head… Read more →