Open-source vulnerabilities which will not die: Who is to blame?

Open-source technologies are found in popular services offered by the largest technology and Internet companies worldwide. An audit conducted by Black Duck software estimates that 96 percent of commonly-used applications in the enterprise utilize open-source components. Open-source projects are critical to the fabric of modern-day software and talented developers by the thousands give up their time to create software and… Read more →

Machine learning not ready for the cloud, yet

It stands to reason that many organizations interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which requires some sophisticated skills, will turn to cloud-based services to make it happen. However, that’s not has happened yet. Photo: Joe McKendrick Companies that are making significant headway with machine learning are ones that have invested heavily in developing or acquiring appropriate skills, such as… Read more →

Google Cloud rolls out prepackaged AI services aimed at business functions

Google is planning to use its cloud platform to package artificial intelligence services that are more relevant to multiple industries. The company outlined more details behind its plans to create prepackaged AI services. At Google Cloud Platform’s Next ’18 conference last month, the company said it would aim to bundle AI for business use cases. Google’s approach is worth noting… Read more →

Nvidia takes a hit on weak Q3 guidance

Nvidia’s stellar earnings streak came to an end on Thursday, as the graphics chipmaker’s second quarter financial results show growth is slowing compared to previous quarters. The company also issued third quarter guidance below market estimates, sending its shares down after hours. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company delivered a Q2 net income of $1.1 billion, or $1.76 per share. Non-GAAP… Read more →

7 ways you can (maybe) get Microsoft Office 365 for free

I remember when I bought my last copy of Office in 2007. It was an upgrade, naturally, because it’s always been an upgrade. I remember I first bought Office sometime before Bill Clinton was president. After that, every three to five years, when Microsoft revved the product, I’d pull out my wallet and pay Redmond for the new shiny bits…. Read more →

Microsoft Office 365 users hit with log-in, activation issues

A number of Microsoft 365 Office 365 users took to Twitter to complain about their inability to log into Office 365 on August 16. Some users said they’ve had problems logging in since last night; others said they noticed the problems starting the morning of August 16. Microsoft’s official @Office365Status account on Twitter acknowledged the problem at 11:24 a.m. ET… Read more →

Severe vulnerability exposes WordPress websites to attack

A severe WordPress vulnerability which has been left a year without being patched has the potential to disrupt countless websites running the CMS, researchers claim. At the BSides technical cybersecurity conference in Manchester on Thursday, Secarma researcher Sam Thomas said the bug permits attackers to exploit the WordPress PHP framework, resulting in a full system compromise. If the domain permits… Read more →

Twitter ends support for legacy APIs, causes developer angst

Video: Disappointing user numbers hurt Twitter despite good financial results Twitter moved to kill legacy application programming interfaces and cut support for the service on Apple Watch, Mac, and Windows App. The API pruning is likely to impact third-party sources and rev up that #BreakingMyTwitter handle. Also: Technology that changed us: The 2000s, from iPhone to Twitter In a blog… Read more →

Consumers prefer online ads to video ads, despite our perceptions

Video: Targeted advertising: Google gives users the option to switch ads off Are customers responding to predicted trends this year, and how is the industry measuring up to initial year-end predictions? Self-service programmatic ad provider Choozle recently conducted a survey of 502 consumers in the US (53 percent female and 47 percent male). It wanted to assess consumer experience with… Read more →

Over 9 out of 10 people are ready to take orders from robots

Video: Responsible AI in consumer enterprise There seems to be a large gap between the way people are using artificial intelligence (AI) at home and at work. Although almost three quarters of us use AI in our personal life, only six percent of HR professionals are deploying AI and only one in four (24 percent) of employees are currently using… Read more →

Google’s Firebase intros in-app messaging, BigQuery integration

From Crashlytics, a developer can now create a JIRA ticket to track and triage issues. Image via Google Google on Thursday rolled out a bevy of new features to Firebase, its backend development platform for Android and iOS apps. The tech giant said the updates are designed to better support sophisticated apps and mobile developers throughout the development cycle. Among… Read more →

What would Amazon do with Landmark Theatres? Here are 5 ideas

Amazon is reportedly looking to buy the Landmark Theatres in a move that could create some interesting possibilities. Before Amazon dove into brick-and-mortar via the Whole Foods acquisition, a Landmark purchase would’ve seemed nutty. Today, not so much. Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is in talks to buy Landmark. We’re conditioned to believe Amazon can extend into any market —… Read more →