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Hacker leaks VMware ESX kernel source code online

VMware ESX Server kernel source code files. Screenshot: ZDNet Hackers associated with the Anonymous collective have leaked the source code for the VMware ESX Server kernel on the Web. Dutch hacker, going by the name “Stun,” tweeted a link to a torrent file earlier today, which downloads at just shy of 2MB (compressed) in size, which contains a bevy of… Read more →

NBC Web sites hacked

  The NBC television network’s Web sites were hacked on Sunday morning. NBC, the major U.S. television network, had its Web sites hacked on November 4th. The sites are now coming back up, but hours after the initial Sunday morning  attacks, there are still dead pages and others that aren’t working properly. According to Deadline Hollywood, the attack first appeared… Read more →

Reality check: Big Data BS

When I first heard the expression Big Data my immediate reaction was similar to when I heard about Enterprise 2.0. Here we go, another buzz phrase to get the marketers, anal-ysts and other hangers on to go nuts over. Only this time, rather than taking years to die, I believe the ‘big data’ crapolathon will be squished in the next… Read more →

BPM’s uncertain role in modernizing legacy applications

Can business process management (BPM) play a role in legacy modernization efforts? That’s a debate pointbrought up by SearchSOA’s James Denman, who got mixed reactions to this question. On the pro side, Erik Marks, founder and CEO of AgilePath, says that “BPM and enterprise modernization “are related.” says  The challenges in modernizing legacy applications come mostly from the fact that… Read more →

A Geek’s Primer To Rugged Smartphone And Tablet Cases

If you’re the type of person that picked your last iPhone case because it matched your pants/eye color/belt buckle, then you can stop reading right now. Unless, that is, you have seen the ERROR OF YOUR WAYS, having dropped your last smartphone on the street and watched in horror as the glass shattered like pond ice in spring. Kind of… Read more →

Sex Tech: Historic BitTorrent porn damages, Verizon arrest over nude pics

In recent sex and tech news Twitter begins gender profiling for ads, Verizon staff were arrested in Florida for stealing (nude) customer photos, the largest pirating lawsuit damages ever were handed out over some really bad porn. Porn scores largest filesharing lawsuit payout to date A federal court in Illinois has handed down the largest ever damages award in a… Read more →

How much do you have to pay to use Office 2013 RT for work?

p>Can you use Office 2013 to do real work on a Windows RT device like Microsoft’s Surface or Dell’s XPS 10? Of course you can. But you might have to pay extra if you want to stay within the letter of the Office license agreement. Windows RT (on all devices, not just Microsoft’s Surface) includes four Microsoft Office programs that… Read more →

Oh Apple Lightning connector, how do I love thee?

Ever since I got my iPhone 5, and after receiving my new iPad 4th-generation this weekend, I’ve learned to love Apple’s new Lightning connector. At first, I was annoyed. I had already purchased a whole bunch of 30-pin charging cables for my iPad 3, along with matching square white Apple 10W to USB charging adapters. So now I had two… Read more →

Ten great things to do with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Yesterday Samsung reported that they have sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note II devices in just over a month. If you recall, the original Galaxy Note sold over 5 million earlier this year at an average rate of about 1 million per month and then recently passed the 10 million sold mark. The Note II, see my first impressions,… Read more →

Apple’s grudging replacement statement appears online

Apple has replaced the Samsung message on its U.K. website to make it more court-friendly. Apple’s “apology”, found in U.K. newspaper The Guardian. Recently. the tech giant lost its appeal to a U.K. High Court to stay a previous ruling from July which said that Apple had to publish a notice on its U.K. Web site stating that rival Samsung… Read more →