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The end of ‘offline': beneficial, or bad?

MARANA, Ariz. — Thanks to always-on mobile devices and the ubiquity of Internet connectivity, our lives are increasingly plugged into the network. Few can say that this isn’t changing everything, from the way we pay for goods to the way we get places to the way that we elect public officials. (Nate Silver, I’m looking at… Read more →

Amazon Web Services puts roots down under

Amazon has launched cloud services out of infrastructure in Australia as part of its global datacentre expansion, giving local customers an opportunity to make their applications more responsive by putting them closer to local users. Read this AWS: The complete guide to Amazon’s cloud Read more … Read more →

Windows 8: Ads and junkware, business as usual

Whether you like it or not, Windows 8 has been totally reworked from the ground up. The new interface, formerly known as Metro, sits side-by-side with the old desktop to provide something for everyone. With a totally reworked platform one could hope that Microsoft would lean on PC makers to stop the onerous practice of… Read more →

Microsoft CEO: Surface RT sales off to a ‘modest’ start

Let them eat cake? No, let them buy tablets.  Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer says sales of the new ARM-based Surface RT tablets are off to a “modest” start, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. ZDNet: Surface RT Review He also told the Parisian publication said that he expects the upcoming Windows Phone 8 sales… Read more →

Apple must pay Samsung’s U.K. legal fees after ‘false’ statement

Apple has been forced by a U.K. court to cough up Samsung’s entire U.K. legal fees for embellishing its court-ordered part-statement, part-apology with additional details, which was highly criticized by the court for being “false and misleading.” Read more ZDNet: Apple loses U.K. Samsung appeal; must run ‘apology’ ads CNET: Apple turns U.K. legal loss into new… Read more →

85th level Orc Rogue wins election

A World of Warcraft gamer has been elected to the Maine state Senate despite being criticized for her gaming. The U.S.’ 2012 election saw many firsts. It saw the first Buddhist elected to the Senate, the first Hindu elected to Congress, and the first Orc Rogue elected to the Maine state Senate. No, that’s not… Read more →