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Self-serving marketing posing as news

Surveys, top 10 lists and technical white papers can contain useful information and be very helpful.  I look for those coming through my inbox and read them with interest. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a sharp increase in useless, self-serving marketing information being sent out disguised as useful information. Quite often surveys are really disguised marketing vehicles…. Read more →

Top ten email terms used by shady corporations and fraudsters

Considering how often emails are used as evidence against less-than-honest financiers and corporations on the sly, businesses should take note. The FBI, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, have developed new software which scans email communication and lists the most common buzzwords and phrases used which may suggest the presence of corporate fraud. Based on… Read more →

Triple-strength Gorilla Glass 3 unveiled at CES

Corning’s Gorilla Glass provides a welcome degree of damage resistance for a critically important component in a portable computing device — the display. First seen in the original 2007 iPhone, it’s now widely used in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices —over a billion are now out there, according to the company. At CES in… Read more →

Why 4K UHD Television is nothing but a CES wet dream

God Bless the Consumer Electronics Industry. Without them, we’d have no innovation in gadgetry and tech toys. Without the companies that are showing their wares at CES, guys like me, James Kendrick and Matthew Miller would have nothing to oggle at.  The technology that is making the biggest splash at CES and making guys like… Read more →

Doesn’t privacy start with you?

Urgent! Post this as your Facebook status update and it will protect you from all future privacy changes, content changes, and impending Mayan apocalypses: “Declaring things on Facebook status updates creates defensible legal positions–-fact–-exactly like if you ask an undercover policeman whether he is a cop then he must tell you the truth else it’s… Read more →

Will Microsoft’s Surface Pro offer better battery life than promised?

Will or won’t Intel’s just-announced lower-power, high-battery-life IvyBridge chip be what ends up powering the first generation Microsoft’s Surface Pro PC/tablets? Neither Microsoft nor Intel is saying. Back in November 2012, Microsoft officials admitted the Surface Pro will have about half the battery life of the Surface RT, which is based on ARM. Microsoft officials… Read more →

More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK with Kevin Kim (podcast)

AppOrchard cofounder Kevin Kim and I talk in-depth about iOS development, AppOrchard and his book: More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK (iOS 6 Development). If you’re interested in learning how to create apps for iOS 6.x, Kevin Kim and Apress have 550 pages of opportunity for you to explore. Kevin provides you with dozens… Read more →

EHR, the cloud, and your medlist

Let’s say it’s time again for your routine checkup. Maybe your doctor has implemented electronic health records and always has a laptop in the room these days. Maybe the nurse or medical tech is asking you those same questions they ask every time. You find yourself thinking, “If EHR is so great, how come they… Read more →