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Mobile payment apps eliminates card reader

San Francisco start-up Flint Mobile is launching a hassle-free mobile payments app for the Apple iOS platform after testing the software in an invite-only beta. The company hopes to differentiate its offering based on two simple things – it doesn’t require a separate piece of card-reader hardware accept credit cards, using a phone’s scanning and… Read more →

Sales of EPEAT-registered products grew 30 percent in 2011

Is your organization using EPEAT (aka the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) to gauge the toxicity or energy efficiency of the technology it buys? If so, you have helped eliminate the use of enough mercury to fill more than 1 million household fever thermometers. If that stat doesn’t impress you, how about this one: You… Read more →

Analyst: Apple finally solves iPhone 5 supply problem

While the iPhone 5 is undoubtedly proved to be a success with consumers, Apple has had a hard time keeping up with demand. Problem with scratches, and Foxconn workers going on strike put quite a crimp in the supply chain. Fortunately, it now seems that Cupertino has solved these problems, just in time for Christmas…. Read more →

Brainwaves as passwords; secure and near reality

Think and you shall log-in. It sounds futuristic, but the technology to do so could be here as early as June 2013. And forgetting a password could become a thing of the past. Interaxon, which develops thought-controlled computing, is releasing a headband sensor device this summer designed to bring brainwaves into computing. While there is… Read more →

Jury convicts hacker over AT&T-iPad user data breach

Credit: Anonymous/CNET Andrew Auernheimer has been convicted of unauthorized access and stealing the data of iPad users on carrier AT&T’s 3G network. Convicted on Tuesday in a Newark, New Jersey court, the 27 year-old New Yorker was found guilty of one count of “conspiracy to access the servers without permission”, as well as one count… Read more →