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Case study details of an iPad pilot deployment

At the recent Macworld Expo in San Francisco, I sat in on several sessions that detailed deployments at the MacIT conference. In the business, these are called case studies. Some were in academic environments and others in the enterprise. In the similar vein, a recent case study, by senior online writer Tom Kaneshige, looked… Read more →

Stock options are viral ingredient needed to spark startup culture

In 2009, the Australian government’s desperate tax grab furiously mangled the stock options in red tape, suffocated startups, and strangled the breathing room out of local entrepreneurship. According to tax lawyer Andrew Andreyev, the restrictive regime blocked off pathways for Aussie startups that now emigrate overseas to more tax-friendly locations, such as San Jose, California,… Read more →

Canonical answers Ubuntu phone critics

Most Linux fans like Canonical’s plans for a unified Ubuntu for PCs, smartphones, TVs, and tablets. Some, however, such as Aaron Seigo, a leading KDE developer, have doubts about this claim. Critics say Canonical can’t deliver a universal Ubuntu, Canonical says they can. Seigo, while thinking that the “Ubuntu Phone [is] a great thing to… Read more →

How to affordably own your office software

If you take a close look at Microsoft’s new Office licensing, it’s crystal clear: Microsoft no longer wants you to own your office software. They want you to rent it. So, why not get LibreOffice for free instead? LibreOffice for free, or MS-Office for a perpetual annual fee or a higher one-time price and locked… Read more →

Build an ‘ultimate value for money’ PC

Previous | Next Image 1 of 7 Introduction It’s very easy to overspend on components when building a PC if you don’t know which parts give you the best bang for the buck. Here I’m going to look at the parts what should be in any ‘ultimate value for money’ PC you buy. I’ll show… Read more →

Can Microsoft bring BI to the masses if the Excel 2013 masses can’t get BI?

Microsoft’s carrot-and-stick approach designed to move users to Microsoft-preferred Office SKUs is continuing. The latest group to discover new and more restrictive Office 2013 licensing changes is the Excel data-analytics crowd. Excel has become a cornerstone of Microsoft’s business-intelligence strategy. With Excel 2010, Microsoft made PowerPivot — one of its prime data-analytics technologies — available… Read more →

Engage or die: Five lessons from a CIO innovation workshop

“Complexity” defines the reality of life for most CIOs. Under pressure to increase both efficiency and innovation in an environment where reducing costs is mandatory, CIOs face a unique set of challenges. These conflicting goals symbolize enterprise confusion around IT and the appropriate role of technology in business. Many organizations view IT is an expensive necessity… Read more →

Barclays Bank offers free Wi-Fi in 1,500 branches

More than 1,500 branches of Barclays Bank will offer free Wi-Fi to customers, using one of BT’s White Label Managed Services. It should be detected as BarclaysFreeWifi. The service will help people who use mobile phones or tablets for banking, though they could simply use it for news or to catch up on their Twitter… Read more →

Facebook wins European court battle over right to fake names

Facebook has secured a win Germany’s courts, where it’s been defending itself against a lawsuit brought by ULD — a state-sponsored but independent organisation which aims to protect the privacy of internet users. In December last year, the ULD (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz, or Independent Regional Centre for Data Protection) was able to get an injunction against Facebook,… Read more →

Microsoft’s one-PC limit isn’t new in Office 2013

Microsoft is busy changing to a devices and services company. One of those changes is making the Office 365 subscriptions to the desktop Office 2013 software a better deal than buying a perpetual licence in a cardboard box (which, unless you’re in a developing country with notoriously poor connectivity, contains only a product key card… Read more →

Microsoft faces €52.5m tax bill hike in France

Microsoft is facing an extra €52.5m added to its tax bill in France – its third tax reassessment in five years and its biggest during the period. The reassessment relates to its 2007, 2008 and 2009 financial years, according to French TV channel BFM TV. It comes as a result of a tax audit in… Read more →