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Seagate just short of revenue mark again for fiscal Q1

Albeit a day later than originally planned, Seagate reported first fiscal quarter earnings before the bell on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, similar to results posted for the fourth fiscal quarter, Seagate came up slightly short again on the revenue target. The hard drive maker reported first fiscal quarter earnings of $582 million, or $1.42 a share (statement). Non-GAAP earnings were $1.45… Read more →

Archos announces 80 Cobalt 8-inch Android tablet PC

While the iPad Mini, Surface RT, and Google Nexus 10 are keeping consumer tablet prices over $300, other manufacturers have a chance to swoop in and capture those looking for tablets at bargain prices. The new Archos 80 Cobalt looks like one of those candidates. This new Android tablet will not earn any spec envy, as it comes with just… Read more →

Enterprise software: Beware the loud voices of charlatan thought leaders

Many enterprise business processes have lots of moving parts; as a result, software tends to be complicated to develop and challenging to purchase. Consider the complicated flow of information through a manufacturing company, for example, or the steps needed to execute financial accounting in a large company. Layer on issues like security, scalability, cost, and risk and it becomes clear… Read more →

South Africa’s Naspers swoops on Middle East with buy, the self-styled ‘Amazon of the Middle East’, has confirmed long-running speculation that it is selling a stake in its business to South African web and media group Naspers. The e-commerce site announced this week that it has secured a new round of investment from Naspers and existing shareholder Tiger Global Management. The company has not disclosed the value of… Read more →

Panasonic Q2: Fiscal year forecast bleak, $9.6bn loss on deck

Japanese technology giant Panasonic has forecast it will lose ¥765 billion ($9.6bn) by the end of its current financial year, ending early 2013, despite previously projecting a ¥50 billion ($626m) profit. The massive projected loss is partly due to deferred tax assets, the firm said in its report [PDF]. In the statement, Panasonic cited a continued unease over the global economy… Read more →

Asus CFO: Nexus 7 sales close to 1 million per month

Taiwanese PC and tablet maker Asus’ chief financial officer David Chang told The Wall Street Journal that sales of the Google-branded Nexus 7 tablet are closing in one million units per month. The Android-powered 7-inch tablet, priced at $199 for the base model, hobbled along with a good albeit slow start by today’s standards, according to Cheng, but sales figures picked… Read more →

Firefox lost 6-9 million downloads in EU browser choice ‘glitch’

Mozilla vice president of business affairs and general counsel Harvey Anderson estimates that as a result of Microsoft’s failure to include the so-called “browser choice” screen for Windows users in Europe for more than a year and a half, Mozilla lost between 6-9 million downloads in total. In spite of ongoing legal action by the European Commission, Microsoft could face another… Read more →

Samba 4 is now slated for release on November 27

Samba 4.0 – complete with a Microsoft-compatible Active Directory controller – is now slated for release on November 27 — for real.   The fourth release candidate of the open source  platform was released today and the fifth release candidate is slated for release on November 13. If all goes well, the final version is expected to be released by the end… Read more →

Google Search for iOS threatens the incumbent Siri

It’s no secret that Siri didn’t get off to a great start. Calling early reviews “mixed” would be polite. When it launched with the iPhone 4S in October 2011 Apple described Siri in its typical, magical terms: Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you mean. It figures out the right apps to use to find the… Read more →

Logitech’s ConferenceCam brings HD video conferencing down to branch office prices

Logitech’s ConferenceCam BCC950, pictured above, has a street price of about $200. Video conferencing has always been something of a luxury for small and medium-sized businesses. True enterprise-grade video conferencing hardware has always been a significant expense, and many if not all of the major solutions avaliable require buy-in to proprietary systems, much like it is with VOIP-based PBX systems…. Read more →