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Microsoft’s latest search-share attack plan: Focus on mobile apps

“Applications, rather than the browser, are now the predominant windows to the world’s information.” Microsoft’s Brian MacDonald That’s a claim in a recent Microsoft Online Services Division job post. But it’s also the thinking of some inside the Microsoft Bing search team. As I have blogged previously, Microsoft’s AppEx (Application Experiences) team of a couple… Read more →

Chip industry revenues will fall in 2012, says Gartner

The decline in PC sales is hurting the global semiconductor industry, and sales of smartphones have not helped much, according to the latest Gartner report. Based on estimates of revenues in 2012, the US-based research company reckons that eight of the top 10 suppliers will see revenues decline, with only Qualcomm and Broadcom increasing their… Read more →

The top 12 amusing technology quotes of 2012

Tech industry leaders and firms have come out with some amusing quotes this year. From Oracle and Sun software to Judge Lucy Koh within the Apple v. Samsung court case, what are your favorites from this year? 1.) Are tech firms on crack? In a Californian courtroom, the Apple v. Samsung copyright infringement battle was overseen… Read more →

Can Yahoo ever be a leader?

Although the company is assured a place in Web history, Yahoo over the years has always seemed to have the role of reflecting conventional wisdom about the Web rather than changing people’s perceptions of what’s possible. No wonder Om Malik believes its glory days are over. Yahoo’s first iteration, back in 1994, was as a… Read more →

The ‘Great Firewall of China’ reinforced, prevents encryption

Credit: CNET China has begun reinforcing its famous firewall with new, intelligent technology that prevents encrypted communication. In order to prevent the more enterprising citizens of China from exploiting holes in the country’s firewall through the use of virtual private networks (VPN) and circumventors, the Chinese government is using new technology to block encryption, according… Read more →

Oracle’s second quarter: Cloud offerings, engineered systems at odds

Oracle’s second quarter earnings report and ensuing conference call Tuesday will feature a heavy dose of talk about cloud applications and engineered systems. However, there’s some evidence that these two product lines are at odds for Oracle customers. Wall Street is expecting Oracle to report second quarter earnings of 61 cents a share on revenue… Read more →

Security flaw found in Samsung handsets, tablets

A suspected fault in Samsung’s implementation of the Android kernel could result in malicious apps gaining control over user devices. Brought to light by user “alephzain” on mobile developer forum XDA Developers, the user claims that the flaw potentially affects Samsung devices that use Exynos processor models 4210 and 4412, specific examples including the Samsung… Read more →

2012: Looking back at the major hacks, leaks and data breaches

Previous | Next Image 1 of 20 Dozens of data breaches, millions affected During 2012, almost every industry — from banking to insurance, government departments and even security companies that help to protect against such attacks — were hacked or breached and vast amounts of data siphoned off from company networks. Many of the successful… Read more →

Samsung acquires storage firm NVELO

Samsung Electronics has agreed to purchase storage software firm NVELO. The Korean firm announced the purchase of Santa Clara, Calif.-based NVELO on Friday. The company develops next-generation SSD storage solutions, and works to manage and optimize the use of solid state drives within subsystems. This kind of “SSD caching” is used in both consumer and enterprise… Read more →