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Is Yahoo building an ‘interest graph’?

If you haven’t noticed, the Marissa Mayer-led Yahoo has been on a bit of an acquisition roll lately, buying up a number of small start-ups as it drives toward relevance. At least, that’s the plan. The latest? Summly, a mobile news reader startup helmed by someone young enough to not know a world that Yahoo… Read more →

Tempo for iOS is the best business calendar app

Many people have criticized Apple’s first-party iOS apps – and rightfully so – but even if you find a suitable replacement, there isn’t a way to change the default apps in iOS 6 for email, browsing and calendar, so most people stick with the Apple offerings.  Apple’s calendar app is fine as a basic calendar and… Read more →

Another possible feature in the next Windows Phone 8 update: FM Radio

There are supposedly three minor Windows Phone 8 updates coming before Windows Phone Blue. Microsoft is honing the second of them, known as GDR (General Distribution Release) 2 before it begins rolling out in late spring/summer, tipsters have tattled. Last month, the reported that GDR2 will be the operating system powering the alleged HTC… Read more →

Platfora goes GA, asking BI and Big Data to say "I do."

A Platfora bubble chart visualization When I started this blog a bit over a year ago, I felt convinced that the separation between Big Data and Business Intelligence was arbitrary and contrived. It would seem that San Mateo, CA-based Platfora agrees, as it is today releasing for general availability its namesake product that seeks to bridge the BI-Big… Read more →

What should you seek in a cloud services partner?

By the end of next year, research firm Gartner predicts that about 30 percent of the Fortune 1000 will be working with at least two cloud services that they need to broker together for their external and internal users. As a result, spending on IT projects to integrate, customize or aggregate those services could reach… Read more →

Dell Software chief Swainson talks scale, perception, growth

John Swainson, head of Dell’s software unit, has a tall order: Convince the business technology masses that his company is about more than hardware and scale his division. That challenge is one faced by a few hardware-centric players. Hewlett-Packard is increasingly talking about its software footprint as it applies to its hardware. Dell obviously wants… Read more →

India won’t miss Internet bus, Mr. Schmidt

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt visited India last week and from all the interviews and news articles, I understood he had two key concerns about India. One, India was lagging behind in harnessing the power of the Internet because of its failure to invest in high-speed telecom networks. Two, India needs to change laws that hold… Read more →

STMicroelectronics signs European loan agreement

STMicroelectronics has signed a loan agreement for 350 million euros ($450m) with the European Investment Bank. The French chipmaker announced the loan today, and the funds are aimed at improving research and development as well as strengthen the firm’s finances. Signed with the European Investment Bank (EIB), the funds have not yet been used, but… Read more →

Chromebook Pixel with LTE cannot step down to 3G

The Chromebook Pixel with LTE will be shipping in just a few weeks and while it’s not likely many will be buying such an expensive Chromebook those planning to do so should be aware of a limitation it has. Looking at the specifications of the LTE Chromebook Pixel I found it odd that Google very… Read more →

UK intelligence agency stores passwords in plain text

There are some government agencies that most would expect to have a fair grasp of security, even for those systems that are not core to their operations. That’s what we thought with the Australian Tax Office’s Publication Ordering System, but sadly, we were proven wrong. University student Dan Farrall discovered that his UK government’s communication… Read more →