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Are influencers turning away from Snapchat?

It looks like influencers are pausing their use of Snapchat. This ransomware uses your social media profiles to personalise its demands Brazen desktop locker campaign uses social media info to make its threat more compelling to victims. Read More Lately, signs — including the 22-percent drop in Snapchat downloads over the last two months — are pointing toward a surge… Read more → pledges $50m to prep people for "the changing nature of work"

Google’s philanthropic arm announced Wednesday that it’s committing $50 million over two years “to help people prepare for the changing nature of work.” “The way we work is changing, and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can make the most of the new jobs, industries and opportunities that are emerging–some of which we couldn’t… Read more →

New Windows 10 Fall Creators Update test build adds Cortana voice commands, phone-PC linking

Microsoft is continuing to add new features to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update via its Fast Ring Insider builds. Credit: Microsoft In Windows 10 test Build 16251 for PCs, which Microsoft rolled out to Fast Ring Insiders on July 26, Microsoft is enabling users to use Cortana voice commands to lock, sign out, show down or turn off their PCs…. Read more →

Security flaw in 3G, 4G LTE networks lets hackers track phone locations

Stingrays are controversial surveillance devices that are almost exclusively used by local police and law enforcement. (Image: file photo) Security researchers have revealed a recently discovered vulnerability in modern, high-speed cell networks, which they say can allow low-cost phone surveillance and location tracking. The findings, revealed Wednesday at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, detail a cryptographic flaw in… Read more →

Cloud delivers threefold revenue growth at SAP Brazil

The Brazilian subsidiary of software giant SAP has reported a threefold increase in its second quarter results, mostly driven by sales of cloud-based products. Cloud procurement platform Ariba was the best seller during the period, alongside private cloud hosting service HANA Enterprise Cloud and platform-as-a-service offering SAP Cloud Platform, according to the company, who unusually has disclosed names of some… Read more →

Solix launches healthcare data management platform, based on Hadoop

Software systems in the medical world are pretty fragmented. Even within a single hospital facility, multiple systems may be in place. In a multi-facility network, the array of systems grows further. Getting data from all those facilities integrated for analytics is hard, which means a lot of hospital systems may simply go without when it comes to analysis of the… Read more →

Open Letter: Seriously, Roomba, now you’re spying on us?

iRobot Roomba 980 Tyler Lizenby/CNET The following is an open letter to iRobot CEO Colin Angle. His company makes the very popular Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. On Monday, ZDNet’s Jake Smith wrote about iRobot’s intention to sell mapping data from customers’ homes to other companies. Dear Colin, One of the ways Webster defines “dear” is “highly valued” or “precious.” So… Read more →

Visa expands transaction processing facilities in Singapore, UK

Visa has opened new data centres in Singapore and the UK to expand its transaction processing capabilities and meet growing demand for digital payments. The two sites would operate in sync with the payment company’s two other such facilities in North America, it said in a statement Wednesday. The new centres, though, would only begin processing global transactions next year…. Read more →

US decrees some ethereum trading is bound by securities law

Ethereum has been dealt another blow this month with a new US ruling that some ethereum sales may be considered securities, leading to a regulatory quagmire. The recent Ethereum (ETH) gold rush has seen tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of the cryptocurrency being invested into platforms, services, and apps related to trading. However, on the heels of investment opportunities… Read more →

Judge orders Apple to pay $506m to university for patent infringement

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images (File photo) Apple patents phone where bending is a feature, not a flaw ​Apple patents phone where bending is a feature, not a flaw Apple has been granted a patent that could lead the way to a fully flexible iPhone that’s actually built to bend in your pocket. Read More Apple was on Wednesday ordered by… Read more →

Alibaba powers ahead in retail as Amazon plays catch up

Alibaba’s strategy of marrying the online and offline realms appears to be paying off, pushing it streaks ahead of Amazon as the Chinese e-commerce giant now looks to extend its gameplay into Southeast Asia. Alibaba last week added three Hema stores in Beijing and Shanghai, which expanded its network of the physical sites to 13 across China and, in doing… Read more →