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Brazil to shift government sites to single domain

The Brazilian government announced plans to consolidate public sector information onto a single website. The platform, to be named, is hoped to go live in less than two years and generate yearly savings of up to 100 million reais ($25.4 million) following the deactivation of the current network, president Jair Bolsonaro said on Twitter earlier this week. Read this… Read more →

Shopify API flaw offered access to revenue data of thousands of stores

How Shopify is working to expand internationally ZDNet’s Natalie Gagliordi sits down with Karen Roby from TechRepublic to talk about how Shopify is using its developer ecosystem to grow internationally. Read more: A security flaw in a Shopify API endpoint has been discovered by a researcher which can be exploited to leak the revenue and traffic data of thousands… Read more →

Facebook harvested 1.5 million user email contacts without permission

Europe’s new internet copyright rules target YouTube, Facebook and Google News Europe wants copyright to work the same was online as offline. That could have a big impact on how news and other content is shared. Facebook “unintentionally” uploaded and stored email contact information belonging to roughly 1.5 million users over the course of three years. The issue came to… Read more →

Mobile app used in Car2go fraud scheme to steal 100 vehicles

Android spyware poses as a privacy tool to steal your data Triout malware is designed for espionage and can spy on almost every aspect of compromised devices – and now it’s back with new tactics. Car2go’s mobile application appears to have been central to a fraudulent scheme used to steal as many as 100 high-end vehicles. As reported by CBS… Read more →

Google Chrome to get a Reader Mode

Google’s Chrome browser will get a Reader Mode, similar to the one found in competing browsers like Firefox and the old Microsoft Edge. The feature is currently under development, but Chrome Canary users can test it starting today. Chrome’s Reader Mode will work by stripping pages of most of their useless content, such as ads, comments sections, or animations, and… Read more →

Galaxy Fold screens breaking after a day: Who is to blame?

It didn’t take long for reviewers who got their hands on early samples of Samsung’s $2,000 Galaxy Fold smartphone to start reporting that their devices were experiencing catastrophic display damage along the hinge. And since the hinge that allows the display to fold is the flagship feature of the Galaxy Fold, this is a pretty big deal. Headlines such as… Read more →

Former student destroys 59 university computers using USB Killer device

An Indian national in the US has pleaded guilty this week to destroying 59 computers at the College of St. Rose, in New York, using a weaponized USB thumb drive named “USB Killer” that he purchased online. The incident took place on February 14, according to court documents obtained by ZDNet, and the suspect, Vishwanath Akuthota, 27, filmed himself while… Read more →

Source code of Iranian cyber-espionage tools leaked on Telegram

Image: ZDNet In an incident reminiscent of the Shadow Brokers leak that exposed the NSA’s hacking tools, someone has now published similar hacking tools belonging to one of Iran’s elite cyber-espionage units, known as APT34, Oilrig, or HelixKitten. The hacking tools are nowhere near as sophisticated as the NSA tools leaked in 2017, but they are dangerous nevertheless. Victim data… Read more →

Salesforce rolls out new low-code services for building AI-powered features

Salesforce on Wednesday announced an expansion of Einstein Platform Services, which is designed to help developers tap into Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence platform. Previously, Einstein Platform Services comprised APIs for vision, sentiment and intent. Now, it includes low-code services that let Salesforce administrators or developers build AI-powered tools for translation and optical character recognition (OCR).  executive guide What is AI?… Read more →

Atlassian Q3 solid, shares down on mixed guidance

Collaboration and productivity software company Atlassian delivered better-than-expected third quarter financial results on Wednesday buoyed by strong customer momentum. The company grew its customer count on net by 5,803 for the quarter. It ended Q3 with a total customer count on an active subscription or maintenance agreement basis of 144,038. Nonetheless, mixed Q4 guidance sent the company’s shares down more… Read more →

Robot dogs pulling a semi truck? Here’s the deal

Another week, another viral hit from Boston Dynamics. Our favorite bringers of the robot apocalypse are out with a video featuring a sled team of Spot Minis, the quadrupedal robot slated to become Boston Dynamics’ first commercial product.  Instead of a sled, the little yellow dogs were pulling a semi truck in neutral. Boston Dynamics is well known for its… Read more →

Cyber-security firm Verint hit by ransomware

The Israel offices of US cyber-security firm Verint have been hit by ransomware, according to a screenshot taken by a Verint employee that started circulating online earlier today. “There is currently a critical issue affecting the on premise Email and Green zone VDI [Virtual Desktop Infrastructure] services,” read a warning message that was displayed earlier today on Verint employees’ computers…. Read more →