The Best Robots of CES 2018

Every year we get a peak at the latest and most exciting developments in tech at the Consumer Electronics Show. In many ways, it is the grand showcase for what the best software companies and hardware manufacturers have been up to. And, for almost as long, robots have been the highlights. After all, what’s cooler (or more terrifying) than seeing… Read more →

You Might Be Vaporwave, But You’ll Never Be Mac Tonight in a Floating Dessert Cup Vaporwave

Magnets are rad. Electromagnets, doubly so. We’ve known they can be used to levitate things at least since Raul Julia told us the nature of his powers in Street Fighter. If you have a well-balanced magnet and electricity running through other magnets, you can make things float, and that’s great. That brings us to, a company that makes levitating… stuff…. Read more →

Livestream Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Unveiling

Samsung kicks off the annual device-reveal season with today’s unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8. Various leaks and teases have piqued consumer attention, which, frankly, is mainly focused on whether or not this handset will explode. All eyes will be on the new phablet, launching a year after the Note 7 made headlines when buyers reported the handset spontaneously combusting…. Read more →

Vapium Summit: The Vape for the Great Outdoors

Lots of people like being outdoors. Not geeks, usually (hyuck hyuck), but a lot of people. And, unfortunately for, presumably, some of those folks, there aren’t too many solid portable vaporizers that could take a hit if you dropped it. The Firefly 2 I reviewed, for instance, had a chip in the glass after I dropped it five inches once,… Read more →

Vie Review: The Best Budget Vaporizer Ever Made

Most vaporizers cost a pretty penny. Even if you’re looking at cheaper options, you can still expect to spend at least $150 for something that does everything well. But the Vie is looking to outperform all of those folks and undercut them at the same time. Vie retails for a meager $50, and, at that price, you’d expect to be… Read more →

The Geek Prepper’s Guide: Data Smuggling Game Boy Cartridges

Society could collapse at any time. Meteors, zombies, global warming, dystopian cyberpunk corporate statehood, old-fashioned fascist dictatorship, it could be anything. You need to be ready. But loading up on guns and ammo and stockpiling buckets of freeze-dried food is boring. Why should you compromise your nerdiness just to prepare for the horrors of the future? That’s what the Geek… Read more →

The Davinci IQ is an Overbuilt Wonder

The Davinci IQ is another high-end vape, but this one is… ridiculous. Excessive, perhaps? It looks like the exact thing you’d get if you put a ton of Silicon Valley folks in a room and asked them to design a vape. The status lights are a 17×3 grid of super-bright white LEDs. Yes, of course it has an app. And… Read more →

The Firefly 2 is a God Among Vapes

Firefly 2 is a vape defined by its simplicity. There are two buttons — and you hold both to turn it on and set it to work. That’s it. You have a battery, mouthpiece, lid, and the chassis of the thing. No filters or screens. No extra tools or fiddly bits. Just you, your ground herb of choice, and some… Read more →

Get Into the Drone Game With These Entry Level Options

Drones are one of the latest gadgets that modern geek culture has sort of glommed onto. And what’s not to like? They’re basically the ultimate RC, and we’ve been tinkering for those for… as far as I can remember, at least. But! With the sudden burst in popularity, there’s been a glut of models with tons of different features. Some… Read more →

The Nvidia Shield is Finally Awesome And Totally Worth It

Graphics card manufacturer, Nvidia, has been trying to break out of just being the folks that make your beefy graphics cards for a while. And that’s been met with mixed success. One of those outings, the Shield, has been a frustrating little box. It’s Cool™ and Neat™, but for the most part, it wasn’t too compelling on its own. Units… Read more →

Why Your Wifi Sucks and How to Fix It

You probably think Wifi is awful. It’s spotty, slow and annoying to manage. Well in the words of that one dude from Independence Day, that’s not entirely accurate. See, most Wifi is shit not because it’s intrinsically bad, just that you’ve probably had a lot of bad experiences. These things happen. The core of it is that most of us… Read more →