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Microsoft updates its roadmap for the new Edge; extension syncing coming this month

Now that its new Chromium-based Edge (“Chredge”) browser is available and getting regular updates, Microsoft is refreshing its roadmap with new features and some tentative dates for delivery. And one of the first new features set to arrive, starting with Canary testers, will be extension syncing. Late last week, Microsoft was set to start rolling out extension syncing to testers… Read more →

A few Presidents’ Day deals actually worth checking out

Presidents’ Day lands on Feb. 17 this year, and like most US holidays, it’s become a day when you can find several great deals, including big savings on wireless headphones, laptops, and more. Because most retailers hold Presidents’ Day sales, we’re helping you cut through the junk, by rounding up only the best business tech deals available on Monday.  Disclosure:… Read more →

Brazilian telecoms regulator discusses 5G auction rules

Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel has launched a public consultation to discuss the rules of what could be the world’s largest single auction for fifth-generation (5G) spectrum later this year. The consultation will last for 45 days and will set the specific details of the auction. A draft version of the rules had been approved by Anatel’s board earlier this month…. Read more →

Bug in WordPress plugin can let hackers wipe up to 200,000 sites

WordPress site owners who use commercial themes provided by ThemeGrill are advised to update one of the plugins that come installed with these themes in order to patch a critical bug that can let attackers wipe their sites. The vulnerability resides in ThemeGrill Demo Importer, a plugin that ships with themes sold by ThemeGrill, a web development company that sells… Read more →

Israeli soldiers tricked into installing malware by Hamas agents posing as women

Image: IDF Members of the Hamas Palestinian militant group have posed as young teenage girls to lure Israeli soldiers into installing malware-infected apps on their phones, a spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) said today. Some soldiers fell for the scam, but IDF said they detected the infections, tracked down the malware, and then took down Hamas’ hacking infrastructure…. Read more →

Tech-augmented democracy is about to get harder in this half-baked world

Image: Supplied/AEC For the wondrous benefits the internet has brought, it is not without its drawbacks. This has manifested itself in two ways when it comes to democracy: A headlong rush into internet voting and a shattering of the polity. As a scientific critique on the act of voting, associate professor Vanessa Teague discussed electronic voting in her recent keynote… Read more →

Iranian hackers have been hacking VPN servers to plant backdoors in companies around the world

Image: ClearSky Special feature Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity Today’s security threats have expanded in scope and seriousness. There can now be millions — or even billions — of dollars at risk when information security isn’t handled properly. Read More 2019 will be remembered as the year when major security bugs were disclosed in a large number of enterprise… Read more →

Microsoft could add new ‘Spaces’ organizational tool to Outlook

Credit: The Walking Cat (@h0x0d) Microsoft is working on a new organizational feature that could debut first as part of Outlook. That feature, currently known as “Outlook Spaces,” allows users to pull together their calendar appointments, to-do lists, emails, Sticky Notes, files and documents and other information into a single unified project area. A video showing off Outlook Spaces was… Read more →