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Up to half of developers work remotely; here’s who’s hiring them

One of the great things about technology work is that it doesn’t really matter where it’s performed. You’re on the network, with minimum latency, regardless if you’re down the hall or on another continent. For employees, working from home — or from a remote office — means greater flexibility and reduced stress from commutes. For employers — and this is… Read more →

How I fixed my busted Apple Watch, for free

Yes, my Series 3 Apple Watch suddenly quit on me. But I fixed it. It cost me nothing and I didn’t need any tools. Must read: iOS bugs and annoyances Apple desperately needs to fix in 2020 The key to this fix was a proper diagnosis. The clue here was that “Erase all content and settings” looping message. That strongly… Read more →

How to stop your iPhone and apps from tracking you 24/7

The new fakery of iPhone photography Tiernan Ray says that digital pictures on smartphones are changing dramatically from what they once were with digital cameras, as exemplified by the fantastic fakery of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. Read more: Must-see offer Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max The iPhone 11 Pro starts at $24.95 per month… Read more →

DeathRansom evolves from joke to actual ransomware

The latest encryption scheme used by the DeathRansom ransomware Image: Fortinet A ransomware strain known as DeathRansom, once considered a joke, is now capable of encrypting files using a solid encryption scheme, cyber-security firm Fortinet reported today. Making matters worse, the ransomware has been backed by a solid distribution campaign, and has been making regular victims on a daily basis… Read more →