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Ransomware hits TV & radio news monitoring service TVEyes

A ransomware infection has brought down TVEyes, a company that manages a popular platform for monitoring TV and radio news broadcasts, broadly used by newsrooms and PR agencies across the globe. TVEyes CEO David Ives told ZDNet the ransomware attack took place after midnight on Thursday, January 30. The ransomware hit core server & engineering workstations inside TVEyes’ network, primarily… Read more →

Amarey A980 robot vacuum hands-on: Quiet and powerful, but only optimized for US

I quite like the Amarey A980 robot vacuum, and apart from initial teething problems connecting the vacuum to the app, the A980 automates its cleaning really well. The A980 is a nice, simple-looking robot. There is no protruding sensor sticking out of the top of the device to catch under furniture or radiators. The sensor is flush with the top… Read more →

How to watch Super Bowl 2020 free and without cable as it streams in 4K for first time

Samsung films football match with 8K cameras Samsung used six 8K cameras to film International Champions Cup matches in Singapore. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are meeting in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. If you can’t afford to go — the “average” price is $9,590 — you’ll need to watch the game on your television like the rest… Read more →

Hands on with resin 3D printers: We put the Elegoo Mars, Mars Pro, and Zortrax Inspire to the test

3D printer reviews: Elegoo Mars, Mars Pro, and Zortrax Inspire 3D hands-on David Gewirtz tested three resin printers, including one that’s almost 10 times the price of the other two. We’ve been testing three resin 3D printers: The Elegoo Mars, the Elegoo Mars Pro, and the Zortrax Inkspire. Disclosure: ZDNet may earn an affiliate commission from some of the products… Read more →

Coronavirus and the iPhone: How the pandemic could disrupt China’s supply chain

Rays of hope for global 5G Wireless Scott Fulton explains a colossal win for the Conservative Party in the UK and how the continuation of trade talks between the US and China bode well for the prospects that the world’s telcos will implement a single, global 5G communications system. Scott Fulton explains why keeping everyone talking helps the manufacturers of… Read more →

Did Jony Ive jump or was he pushed?

Apple in the Enterprise: A Strategic Guide Once a pariah in the enterprise, Apple has quietly emerged as a darling of executives and professionals because of the ease of use of the iPhone and the iPad. We look at how the influx of Apple devices is changing the tech landscape in business. Read More Quick: is Apple a consumer products… Read more →

2020 predictions: 5 telling trends in 3D printing

Last year saw staggering growth in the enterprise 3D printing market, which is shaking up manufacturing sectors around the globe. High-volume, low-value production manufacturing is shifting to a nimbler model, although the change isn’t without some growing pangs, as recent on-demand manufacturing stumbles suggest. Still, the growth is undeniable. According to a new report by 3D Hubs, an online manufacturing… Read more →

Japanese company NEC confirms 2016 security breach

Special feature Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity Today’s security threats have expanded in scope and seriousness. There can now be millions — or even billions — of dollars at risk when information security isn’t handled properly. Read More Japanese electronics and IT company NEC Corp disclosed a security breach today that took place more than three years ago, in… Read more →

ServiceNow aims to court CEOs, expand use cases beyond IT

ServiceNow is looking to move from being a strategic vendor for CIOs to be a digital transformation engine for CEOs. And CEO Bill McDermott’s playbook from SAP is being put in place quickly to grow the company. The company, which started as an IT service platform, has branched out to customer service as well as human resources. Its ecosystem of… Read more →

FBI launches investigation into Pegasus spyware vendor over US citizen hacks

BEC scam leaves Texan school district $2.3 million poorer The FBI is investigating. There are “strong” leads but no real indication of who is responsible. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into NSO Group based on suspicions that US residents and companies may have been compromised for intelligence-gathering purposes.  According to the Reuters news agency,… Read more →

Hacker snoops on art sale and walks away with $3.1m, victims fight each other in court

Social media: Can deleting your accounts protect you from hackers? PwC report finds that cyberattacks are the biggest worry for business – to such an extent that some CEOs are deleting social media accounts to help avoid personally falling victim to criminals. Hackers intercepted talks between an art dealer and a Dutch museum to scam the museum out of millions,… Read more →

Google open-sources the firmware needed to build hardware security keys

Google has open-sourced today a new project called OpenSK that will make it easier for hobbyists and hardware vendors to build their own security key. The project, which has been open-sourced on GitHub, contains Rust-based firmware that can be installed on Nordic chip dongles and effectively convert the dongle into a FIDO U2F and FIDO2-complaint security key. Image: Google Further,… Read more →